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  1. _________ THE ARROW AND YOU _________ Here is a few guidelines/tips/tricks you can use in order to improve yourself as a Hunter in vanilla. If you feel the need to chime in and cover some ground, of which I'm sure that I've missed, feel free to do so! I’m open minded for all questions and suggestions regarding the guide and I will gladly hear them out. You can contact me on Crestfall's discord channel or on this forum. Table Of Contents 1. Main Attributes & Stat Values 1.1 Main Attributes 1.2 Stat Values 2. BIS Gear & Enchants 2.1 Horde BIS List - Current Patch 2.2 Alliance BIS List - Current Patch 3. Consumables & Buffs 3.1 World Buffs 3.2 Damage Increasing Consumables & Buffs 3.3 Damage Increasing Pet Consumables & Buffs 3.4 Sustainability Consumables & Buffs 3.5 Situational Consumables & Buffs 4. Races & Racial Abilities 4.1 Racial Stats 4.2 Racial Abilities 4.3 Race Of Choice 5. Talent Builds 5.1 Recommended Talent Builds 5.2 Experimental Talent Builds 6. Pets & Pet Abilities 6.1 Pet Of Choice 6.2 Pet Abilities 7. Rotations & Cooldowns 7.1 Simplified Rotation 7.2 Explanation Of The Hunter Rotations 7.3 "Cycles Are Impossible To Use" 7.4 Lag And Human Reaction Invalidate Cycle Calculations 7.5 Aimed Shot Will Be Catching Up To Your Multi-Shot 7.6 Cooldown Management 8. Addons 9. Macros 10. Links & Downloads _________ MAIN ATTRIBUTES & STAT VALUES _________ 1.1 - Main Attributes Agility Increases attack power with melee weapons by 1 and ranged weapons by 2 Increases your crit chance by 0.0189% (1% crit per 52.91 Agility) Increases Armor by 2 and Dodge by 0,0377% (1% dodge per 26.5 Agility) Strength Increases attack power with melee weapons by 1. Stamina Increases health points by 10 per point. Intellect Increases mana points by 15 per point and the rate at which weapon skills improve. Spirit Increases health & mana regeneration rates. 1.2 - Stat Values The stat values below will differentiate depending on your current stats, talents and target defensive stats so because of that I've made 4 examples that you can use. The examples are all specced as 20/31/00 and are fully buffed except for world buffs and shaman/paladin buffs. The gear can be viewed in the spreadsheet linked in the BIS section. The target is a lvl 63 dragonkin mob type with 5 sunder armor debuffs. Patch 1.5 BIS (T1) 10 AP = 1.38 DPS 1 Crit = 3.72 DPS 1 Crit = 26.95 AP 1 AP = 0,0371% Crit Patch 1.9 BIS (T2) 10 AP = 1.44 DPS 1 Crit = 4.58 DPS 1 Crit = 31.80 AP 1 AP = 0,0349% Crit Patch 1.9 BIS (R13) 10 AP = 1.44 DPS 1 Crit = 4.67 DPS 1 Crit = 32.43 AP 1 AP = 0,0308% Crit Patch 1.12 BIS (T3 + R12 Gloves) 10 AP = 1.37 DPS 1 Crit = 4.8 DPS 1 Crit = 35,03 AP 1 AP = 0,0285% Crit I've used the hunter simulator spreadsheet linked in the "Links & Downloads" section to get these results, using the exact same method as Surelynotdhorn did _________ BIS GEAR & ENCHANTS _________ This BIS list is based on Crestfall's item progression which isn't completely like retail vanilla, so because of that I've included some items to the earlier patches (Almost only pre 1.5) that other private servers tend to release before their original release date because most likely it'll be the same for Crestfall (Not 100% confirmed yet, I will update whenever I know more). These are the items which has been included for patches prior to their original release (The patches in parentheses are their original release date): Blackstone Ring (Patch 1.2) Carapace Spine Crossbow (Patch 1.4) Peacemaker (Patch 1.4) Brutality Blade (Patch 1.4) Quick Strike Ring (Patch 1.4) Core Hound Tooth (Patch 1.4) Biznicks 247x128 Accurascope (Patch 1.4) Rune of the Guard Captain (Patch 1.5) Devilsaur Eye (Patch 1.7) Epic PvP gear will not be considered because it's extremely time consuming to get and not everyone have the time needed to be able to grind it however the post-rework PvP set is BIS until Naxxramas. Link to the pre-rework PvP set Link to the post-rework PvP set 2.1 - Horde BIS List - Current Patch Link to Horde BIS list spreadsheet (Patch 1.1 - 1.12) 2.2 - Alliance BIS List - Current Patch Link to Alliance BIS list spreadsheet (Patch 1.1 - 1.12) _________ CONSUMABLES & BUFFS _________ Let's face it, it's not expensive to raid as a hunter since we have feign death to save our buffs if the raid wipes, so there's no reason to go cheap on consumables. Here's all the consumables & buffs that are useful to hunters. (Class buffs not included) 3.1 - World Buffs Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer +10% Spell Crit, +5% Melee/Ranged Crit, +140 AP - 120 min Songflower Serenade +15 all stats, +5% Spell/Melee/Ranged Crit - 60 min Resist Fire +83 Fire Resistance - 60 min Warchief's Blessing +300 HP, +15% Melee Haste, +10 MP5 - 60 min (Horde only) DM North Buffs (DM Tribute) +15% Max HP, +200 AP (Does not give RAP... cuz vanilla being vanilla), +3% Spell Crit - 120 min (Patch 1.3) Sayge's Fortunes (Darkmoon Faire) Choose between +10% Damage/+10% Agi, Int, Spirit, Stam or Str/+10% armor/+25 magic resist - 120 min (Patch 1.6) Spirit of Zandalar +10% Movement Speed, +15% Stats - 120 min (Patch 1.7 - Persists through death up until patch 1.11) Lordaeron's Blessing +5% Max HP - 30 min (Patch 1.11) Traces of Silithyst +5% Damage 30 min (Patch 1.12) 3.2 - Damage Increasing Consumables & Buffs Elixir of the Mongoose +25 Agility, +2% Crit - 60 min (Does not stack with other agility elixirs/scrolls) Ground Scorpok Assay +25 Agility - 60 min Grilled Squid +10 Agility - 10 Min Oil of Immolation Inflicts fire damage to any enemies around the caster every 3 seconds - 15 sec (Scales with spell power up until patch 1.6) Crystal Charge / Stratholme Holy Water (Undeads only) Inflicts fire/raw damage to enemies that are hit - 3/10 radius Engineers only: Dense Dynamite / Thorium Grenade / The Big One / Dark Iron Bomb Inflicts fire damage to enemies that are hit - 5/3/10/5 radius, 0/3/5/4 stun duration Goblin Sapper Charge Explodes when triggered dealing Fire damage to all enemies nearby and damage to you as well - 10 radius 3.3 - Damage Increasing Pet Consumables & Buffs Juju Might +40 AP - 10 min (Does not give RAP... cuz vanilla being vanilla) Juju Power +30 Strength - 30 min Juju Flurry +3% Attack Speed on friendly target - 20 sec (Puts Rapid Fire on a 30 sec CD if used on yourself) Scroll of Agility IV +17 Agility - 30 min 3.4 - Sustainability Consumables & Buffs Demonic Rune / Dark Rune Restores 900 to 1501 mana at the cost of 600 to 1001 life - (Does not share CD with potions) Whipper Root Tuber Restores 700 to 901 health - (Does not share CD with potions) Night Dragon's Breath Restores 394 to 457 mana and 394 to 457 health - (Does not share CD with potions) Major Mana Potion Restores 1350 to 2251 mana - (Does not share CD with runes/felwood consumables) Major Healing Potion Restores 1050 to 1751 health - (Does not share CD with runes/felwood consumables) Major Rejuvenation Potion Restores 1440 to 1761 mana and health - (Patch 1.4, Does not share CD with runes/felwood consumables) Mageblood Potion +12 mp5 - 60 min Nightfin Soup +10 mp5 - 10 min Crystal Force +30 Spirit - 30 min Lesser Mana Oil +5 mp5 - 30 min Brilliant Mana Oil +12 mp5, +25 Healing Power - 30 min (Patch 1.7) Spirit of Zanza +50 Stamina, +50 Spirit - 120 min (Patch 1.7, you can only have the effect of one Zanza potion at a time) Flask of the Titans +1200 Max HP - 120 min (Does not stack with other flasks, persists through death) Flask of Distilled Wisdom +2000 Max Mana - 120 min (Does not stack with other flasks, persists through death) Rumsey Rum Black Label +15 Stamina - 15 min Elixir of Fortitude +120 Max HP - 60 min Heavy Runecloth Bandage Heals 2000 damage over 8 sec 3.5 - Situational Consumables & Buffs Limited Invulnerability Potion Makes you immune to physical attacks - 6 sec Restorative Potion Removes 1 magic, curse, poison or disease effect on you every 5 sec - 30 sec Free Action Potion Makes you immune to Stun and Movement Impairing effects - 30 sec (Does not remove effects already on the imbiber) Living Action Potion Makes you immune to Stun and Movement Impairing effects - 5 sec (Does remove effects already on the imbiber) Elixir of Poison Resistance / Powerful Anti-Venom Cures level 60 poisons Juju Chill +15 Frost Resistance - 10 min Juju Ember +15 Fire Resistance - 10 min Swiftness of Zanza +20% Movement Speed - 120 min (Patch 1.7, you can only have the effect of one Zanza potion at a time, does not stack with Aspect of the Cheetah) Swiftness Potion +50% Movement Speed - 15 sec (Does not stack with Aspect of the Cheetah) Greater Arcane Protection Potion Absorbs 1950 to 3251 arcane damage - 60 min Greater Fire Protection Potion Absorbs 1950 to 3251 fire damage - 60 min Greater Frost Protection Potion Absorbs 1950 to 3251 frost damage - 60 min Greater Nature Protection Potion Absorbs 1950 to 3251 nature damage - 60 min Greater Shadow Protection Potion Absorbs 1950 to 3251 shadow damage - 60 min _________ RACES & RACIAL ABILITIES _________ This section will be covering all relevant information about the races that can be played as a Hunter. 4.1 - Racial Stats 4.2 - Racial Abilities Dwarf: Stoneform: While active, grants immunity to Bleed, Poison, and Disease effects. In addition, Armor increased by 10%. Lasts 8 sec. 3 min cooldown. Gun Specialization: Guns skill increased by 5. Frost Resistance: Frost Resistance increased by 10. Find Treasure: Allows the dwarf to sense nearby treasure, making it appear on the minimap. Night Elf: Shadowmeld: Activate to slip into the shadows, reducing the chance for enemies to detect your presence. Lasts until cancelled or upon moving. Night Elf Rogues and Druids with Shadowmeld are more difficult to detect while stealthed or prowling. Quickness: Dodge chance increased by 1%. Wisp Spirit: Transform into a wisp upon death, increasing speed by 50%. Nature Resistance: Nature Resistance increased by 10. Orc: Blood Fury: Increases base melee attack power by 25% for 15 sec and reduces healing effects on you by 50% for 25 sec. 2 min cooldown. Hardiness: Chance to resist Stun effects increased by an additional 25%. Command: Damage done by Hunter and Warlock pets increased by 5%. Axe Specialization: Skill with Axes and Two-Handed Axes increased by 5. Tauren: War Stomp: Stuns up to 5 enemies within 8 yds for 2 sec. 2 min cooldown. Endurance: Total Health increased by 5%. Cultivation: Herbalism skill increased by 15. Nature Resistance: Nature Resistance increased by 10. Troll: Berserking: Increases your casting and attack speed by 10% to 25% (30% after patch 1.9). At full health the speed increase is 10% with a greater effect up to 25% if you are badly hurt when you activate Berserking. Lasts 10 sec. 3 min cooldown. Regeneration: Health regeneration rate increased by 10%. 10% of total Health regeneration may continue during combat. Beast Slaying: Damage dealt versus Beasts increased by 5%. Throwing/Bow Specialization: Skill with Throwing/Bow Weapons increased by 5 (This will make you hit capped at 6 hit instead of 9 if you got a bow equipped) 4.3 - Race Of Choice Horde PvE race ranking: Troll - Berserking is a great DPS increase especially when synergized with activate trinkets and other CD's, Bow Specialization makes hit capped with 6 hit instead of 9. Regeneration and Beast Slaying are also decent racial abilities however they will be little of a use once you hit level 60. Trolls has the most base agility on the Horde faction. Orc - Command is a small DPS increase. Occasionally Hardiness will have it's use in PvE as well. Orcs has the second most base agility on the Horde faction. Tauren - There's no racial abilities that will benefit you in PvE when playing a tauren other than Endurance. Taurens has the lowest base agility on the Horde faction. Horde PvP race ranking: Orc - Hardiness this talent alone makes orcs the best PvP race for Horde. Command is a small DPS increase. Orcs has the second most base agility on the Horde faction. Troll & Tauren - These races are tied because nor trolls or taurens have any significant racial abilities for PvP however trolls favors the offensive playstyle more because of the better DPS racial abilities and taurens favors the more "all around" playstyle since they have more health and a 2 sec stun with 0.5 sec cast time. Trolls has the most base agility on the Horde faction. Taurens has the lowest base agility on the Horde faction. Alliance PvE race ranking: Night Elf - There isn't really any of the racial abilities that night elves has which will benefit you in PvE, the only reason why night elves are better in PvE is because night elves has the most base agility on the Alliance faction. Dwarf - There isn't really any of the racial abilities that dwarfs has which will benefit you in PvE. Gun Specialization isn't good because even when considering it then there won't be any gun that can become best in slot, Stoneform isn't good either because there's barely any boss mechanics where it's useful. Dwarfs has the lowest base agility on the Alliance faction. Alliance PvP race ranking: Dwarf - Stoneform is extremely good in PvP since it can be used to get rid of Blind, Crippling Poison, Viper Sting etc. as well as make you more tankier vs physical damage. Dwarfs has the lowest base agility on the Alliance faction. Night Elf - Shadowmeld is a really nice racial ability for when you're defending bases in BG's so you're able to secure the opener on a enemy player that gets in range of you etc. it has a lot of other great uses and it's a lot of fun to figure out ways to utilize this ability. Night elves has the most base agility on the Alliance faction. _________ TALENT BUILDS _________ 5.1 - Recommended Talent Builds PvE: Use this spec if you're at 8 hit or below. You can swap talent points from Surefooted to Improved Aspect of the Hawk if you're only missing 1-2% hit. 1. http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#cZViohthtIbbV0h 2. http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#ce0M0xxZViohtht Use this spec if you're at 9 hit or above PvP: For PvP it's a bit of a personal preference, however these are the ones I can recommend 1. https://classicdb.ch/?talent#cZgVohthtcrfmoh 2. https://classicdb.ch/?talent#cZtVohtZcriVk0ux I highly recommend moving the points from Improved Wing Clip into Entrapment if you're going to play premade BG's as it will benefit you a lot more. Leveling: For leveling this is the spec I would recommend https://classicdb.ch/?talent#ca0GzgxRptVohx I didn't put points into Spirit Bond because this talent will give the hunter threat every time it heals so if your pet body pulls a mob, the Hunter will get aggro whenever the talent heals. 5.2 - Experimental Talent Builds PvE 00/21/30 vs 20/31/00 when above 500 agility: On paper the 20/31/00 spec seems to be doing a lot better however in reality there will be some fights where you won't be able to utilize your pets' DPS properly as well as other situational stuff in which case the 00/21/30 spec could potentially be better even when considering the DPS Trueshot Aura provides for your group when using the 20/31/00 spec. I'm gonna have to test this once I get the gear requirements on Crestfall to be able to confirm anything. Keep in mind that mentioning results from other servers will not prove anything since talent and ability formulas etc could've been completely different on the other server. _________ PETS & PET ABILITIES _________ 6.1 - Pet Of Choice Short answer: Lupos for PvE, Broken Tooth for PvP. PVE: Lupos is the best PvE pet because it does Shadow Damage instead of Physical Damage, thus ignoring armor and will benefit from +Shadow Damage debuffs such as Curse of Shadows, Improved Shadow Bolt and Shadow Weaving. After patch 1.9 you should instead be using Deathmaw if you want a wolf or Broken Tooth if you want a cat because Lupos will no longer be doing Shadow Damage after that patch. Something you often will hear people say about Lupos is that "it will lower your raids DPS because it consumes Warlock's Improved Shadow Bolt debuffs" however that is completely nonsense even if Lupos truly should be consuming ISB (I haven't seen a single proof of Lupos consuming ISB in retail vanilla so please share if you have proof) due to various reasons: "Threat cap" Warlocks are able to do insane amounts of DPS however with insane amounts of DPS comes insane amounts of threat. This is something that Warlocks have no way of dealing with, instead they're forced into stop DPS'ing so that the tanks can build a bigger threat lead. Hunters do not have this issue because we're not able to do anywhere near as much DPS/threat as a Warlock and because we can Feign Death every 30 seconds to wipe our threat. Even if Warlocks didn't utilize ISB at all they would still have threat issues if they go all in on DPS. So if they were to utilize ISB it would only make them "threat capped" faster, thus sharing ISB with Hunters will be far more effective for the raid. Not to mention that tanks occasionally will die/fail on boss mechanics or other situational events which will tighten the Warlocks threat cap even further. So in reality Warlocks wont be getting any additional DPS from ISB unless they're fighting a boss where they can't get aggro (Ragnaros, Ebonroc and Flamegore etc). This might only be legit for Horde Warlocks due to them not being able to benefit from Blessing of Salvation like Alliance Warlocks can. This is also the sole reason as to why Alliance Warlocks are doing so much more DPS on legacy-logs.com and realmplayers.com. Debuff overlapping If Hunters aren't using Lupos then Warlocks and Shadow Priest's Mind Blast will be the only classes who are able to utilize ISB, thus being much more likely to overlap ISB stacks and make them go to waste. ISB isn't the only debuff which Lupos can utilize There's 3 debuffs that Lupos can utilize; Improved Shadow Bolt, Curse of Shadow and Shadow Weaving so by using Lupos it will make all of these debuffs more effective. If Lupos is being fully buffed and it's target has all of these debuffs then it is able to do 180-200 DPS on it's own which is absolutely insane. PVP: Broken Tooth is the best PvP pet, and potentially the best PvE pet after patch 1.9. The reason why Broken Tooth is the best PvP pet is because it's the only cat that is able to do 1 attack per sec, which is the fastest you can get. The fast attack speed is very useful in PvP as it makes it nearly impossible for casters to get a spell off because of the cast time push back from Broken Tooth's melee attacks. There's only 2 other pets in the game which has similar attack speed and that is the ZG bat's, however since they're bats they cannot learn Prowl and Claw which both are great abilities in PvP and bats also does 4% less damage from auto attacks. When Lupos no longer does Shadow Damage (post patch 1.9), then Broken Tooth can potentially be the superior pet to use in PvE depending on how good you are at pet micro managing. Broken Tooth (Cats) do not have Furious Howl like Wolfs do which means you can no longer benefit from having your pet by your side just to buff you with Furious Howl, so you'll need to be great at micro managing your pet and make sure it doesn't die as well as not fuck up your own rotation. If you're not capable of that, then Broken Tooth will not be a DPS boost. Leveling: Use any cat for leveling, it doesn't matter which one because they're all be normalized, i.e. all pets of the same pet family does similar DPS regardless of attack speed (unless they're buffed, which in that case fast attack speed pets does more DPS). Also make sure to tame a new cat every now and then so you can get new pet ability ranks. Use the hunter pet beastiary linked in the "Informative Hunter Links" section to figure out which pets you should tame to get new pet ability ranks. 6.2 - Pet Abilities PVE: 1. Teach your pet max rank Bite and Claw/Furious Howl. 2. Teach your pet max rank Great Stamina. 3. Teach your pet rank 3 resistance. Choose the resistance that would benefit you for the content you're currently raiding. 4. Teach your pet rank 1 Dash (You do not need higher rank for raiding) 5. If done correctly you should now have 5 points left, use them on any rank 1 resistance you want or whatever else you can spend it on. PVP: 1. Teach your pet max rank Bite, Claw and Prowl. 2. Teach your pet rank 9 Great Stamina. 3. Teach your pet rank 3 Frost Resistance. 4. Teach your pet rank 3 Dash. 5. Teach your pet rank 1 Nature Resist. Leveling: Assuming you're using a Cat for leveling which I highly recommend, then this is the priority of which you should be teaching your pet it's abilities. 1. Growl 2. Dash (Only need rank 1) 3. Claw 4. Greater Stamina/Natural Armor (Keep these balanced) _________ ROTATIONS & COOLDOWNS _________ 7.1 - Simplified Rotation Auto-shot->Aimed Shot->Auto-shot->Multi-Shot->Auto-shot->Repeat See the pattern? Always use Aimed Shot immediately after you've fired an Auto-shot, weave Multi-Shot in between Auto-shots. 7.2 - Explanation Of The Hunter Rotations There's 2 rotations that you should know of. These are known as the "Clipped" and the "Full" rotation. Every rotation cycle consists roughly of: 1 Aimed Shot 1 Multi-Shot x Auto Shot With most weapons, you'll find that Aimed Shot finishes cooldown and Auto Shot fired ~1 sec ago. This makes you choose between: A. (Clipped) Use Aimed Shot right when its cooldown is finished. B. (Full) Delay Aimed Shot until after your next Auto Shot. A. (Clipped) makes you lose an Auto Shot, but your cycle time is shorter than in B. B. (Full) adds an Auto Shot, but extends your cycle time. This is important because the cooldown of Aimed Shot is 6 seconds, casting time is 3 seconds. During casting, Auto Shot cools down. This means that basically every weapon will get a free Auto Shot after Aimed Shot. The free Auto Shot comes after a delay of about 0.5 seconds after Aimed Shot is fired, regardless of weapon speed. During the casting of Aimed Shot, no Auto Shots can be fired. This list will tell you what rotation you should use for all end game weapons, the list is also sorted from best to worst: http://imgur.com/I1Mk8Xw You can read a far more in depth explanation of clipped vs full rotation here and here 7.3 - "Cycles Are Impossible To Use" They're not. Performing them perfectly is practically impossible, and it's harder with some weapons. However, getting as close as possible will be the most damaging thing you can do. Thus, the calculations shows the weapon with highest damage potential, and also how to deal the most damage with it. It's up to you to maximize the potential. Practice, focus, and knowing the rhythm of your weapon helps a lot; you're always able to improve. Additionally, a timer for your Auto Shots will help you a lot. Personally, I use YAHT. Clipped cycles are the easiest to use, since you can basically spam Aimed Shot and Multi-Shot, and the cooldowns will take care of the rest. Remember that latency might affect this a bit, making Aimed Shot ready just before Auto Shot fires (making you do a sub-optimal cycle). Spamming is rarely a good idea; paying attention is. 7.4 - Lag And Human Reaction Invalidate Cycle Calculations Often you'll hear people claiming cycles are useless because of reasons like lag, human reaction, etc. These settings vary from person to person; hunter A might have perfect conditions, performing at almost 100% of what he's capable of, while hunter B might be experiencing lag, talking on the phone and feeding his parrot - of course he'll perform worse. However, comparing the different weapons, using optimal conditions for everything is the fairest comparison. Although this has no influence on a weapon's damage potential, if you know you suffer from lag or slow reaction times, take it into consideration when looking at what I write. 7.5 - Aimed Shot Will Be Catching Up To Your Multi-Shot Eventually your Aimed Shot will catch up to your Multi-Shot due to Aimed Shot having "9 sec CD" (6 CD + ~3 sec cast time) and Multi-Shot having a 10 sec CD. When this happens then using Aimed Shot first will yield the most DPS, unless: A. You're able to consistently cleave on targets with Multi-Shot. B. The targets you could've been cleaving on by casting Multi-Shot first would be dead by the time Multi-Shot is ready if you casted Aimed Shot first. 7.6 - Cooldown Management Trinkets: You should activate your swap trinket just as you start DPSing the boss and when the trinket effect wears off then you swap to your static trinket immediately. Rapid Fire/Berserking: Usually you want to use Rapid Fire/Berserking together with your trinket on your opener unless you need to save your cooldowns for a specific boss mechanic. However using Rapid Fire/Berserking early has the added benefit of you being able to use them multiple times during an encounter depending on the fight duration. Do not save Rapid Fire/Berserking for Aspect of the Hawk procs since there's literally no reason in doing so when there's only a 5% proc chance. If you're lucky to get a hawk proc while all your other cooldowns are active then make sure you watch your threat so you don't over aggro. _________ ADDONS _________ YAHT - Yet Another Hunter Timer This addon gives you an auto shot timer which is crucial if you want to maximize your DPS. It also comes with a Tranquilizing Shot announcer which can be toggle on and off. Highlights: 1. Aimed Shot & Multishot castbars for oCB, eCastingBar and default castbar that recognize all effects that modify castspeed 2. Tranquilizing Shot announcer 3. Highly customizable looks Visual: The white bar is the "cooldown" time of your auto shot The red bar is the draw time of your auto shot Configuration: /yaht Download Link: https://github.com/Aviana/YaHT ------ TrinketMenu (Fixed Version) This addon lets you queue trinkets to auto swap for whenever you get out of combat (Feign Death) and is a must have addon if you want to maximize your DPS. How to use TrinketMenu: Have an activate trinket equipped at the start of an encounter, use it on your opener and then queue a static trinket by hovering TrinketMenu and choose a static trinket - after the activate trinket's buff expires you feign death and the addon will auto equip the static trinket that you selected. Visual: Configuration: /trinketmenu options Download Link: https://github.com/satan666/TrinketMenu-Fix ------ SHunterTimers This addon makes it easier for you to track your trinket duration, debuff durations, procs, personal CC duration and boss frenzy timer it also makes your cast bar track aimed shot. Every feature can be enabled/disabled through the in game settings. Visual: Configuration: /sht menu Download Link: http://addons.us.to/addon/shuntertimers ------ ClassicSnowFall This addon accelerates key bindings so that they are activated by key press rather than key release. This allows you to activate your abilities faster than you could otherwise. there's no visual or in game configurations options for this addon. Download Link: http://www.classicwow.com/forum/topic/13899-introducing-classic-snowfall/ ------ Modified Power Auras This addon is the vanilla version of "WeakAuras" which makes it possible to track every aura/ability/trinket in the game. Examples of what to track: Aspect of the Hawk procs Rapid Fire duration Trinket(s) duration Important boss debuffs such as Baron Geddon's Living Bomb, Vaelastrasz's Burning Adrenaline. Visual: Configuration: /mpowa Download Link: https://github.com/Geigerkind/ModifiedPowerAuras ------ SimpleFeignHealth This addon makes it possible for you to see your health while you're in feign death. Configuration: /sfh Download Link: http://addons.us.to/addon/simplefeignhealth _________ MACROS _________ Auto Shot This macro makes it so your auto shot no longer can be accidentally toggled off. it WILL NOT WORK properly if this line doesn't correspond with your Auto Shot hotkey: IsAutoRepeatAction(3) If your Auto Shot ability is placed on hotkey 3, that means it should be (3) in the macro. To figure out what hotkey your Auto Shot is on, refer to this image http://i.imgur.com/VGArn.jpg and change it accordingly within the macro. /run if not IsAutoRepeatAction(3) then CastSpellByName("Auto Shot") end ------ Scatter Shot This macro will prevent your pet from breaking Scatter Shot CC. If you use the Scatter Shot macro on target A and your pet is attacking target B, your pet will continue to attack target B. If you use the Scatter Shot macro on target A and your pet is attacking target A, your pet will go passive so it doesn't break Scatter Shot CC. /script if UnitExists("pettarget") and UnitIsUnit("target", "pettarget") then PetPassiveMode(); else end /cast Scatter Shot ------ Frost, Immolation and Explosive Trap This macro will prevent you from using feign death if you're already out of combat but if you're in combat it will feign death first and then trap if pressed twice. Simply change the first line of the macro to whatever trap you want it for. /cast Immolation Trap /script if UnitAffectingCombat("player") then CastSpellByName("Feign Death") end ------ Freezing Trap This macro will prevent you from using feign death if you're already out of combat but if you're in combat it will feign death first and then trap if pressed twice. In addition to the other trap macro, this one will put your pet on passive to prevent breaking CC. /cast Freezing Trap /script if UnitAffectingCombat("player") then CastSpellByName("Feign Death") end /script PetPassiveMode() ------ Pet Revive/Mend/Call This macro will use Revive Pet if your pet is dead and Mend Pet if your pet is alive and call your pet if it's missing. /run local c=CastSpellByName if UnitExists("pet")then if UnitHealth("pet")==0 then c("Revive Pet")else c("Mend Pet")end else c("Call Pet")end ------ Melee Special Attacks This is just a basic macro to lump all of your offensive melee skills onto one bind. Usually I'm not a fan of "lazy macros" however this one only applies to proc melee attacks that NEEDS to be used while they can so this one cannot fuck you over unlike the typical lazy macros you'll see. /cast Raptor Strike /cast Counterattack /cast Mongoose Bite ------ Wing Clip This is a fall-through macro for Wing Clip. If you happen to be super low on mana for some reason and can't use maximum rank Wing Clip, a lower rank will be used instead. Counterattack is a priority over all ranks of Wing Clip. /run if 1==0 then CastSpellByName("Wing Clip");end /cast Counterattack(Rank 1) /cast Wing Clip /cast Wing Clip(Rank 2) /cast Wing Clip(Rank 1) ------ Hunter Tracking This macro will use Track Beasts if you hold down CTRL and press the hotkey you bound it to, Track Humanoids if you hold down SHIFT + press hotkey and Track Hidden if no modifiers are held down when pressing the hotkey. These are the only important tracking abilities that you should have bound, the rest you can leave in your spell book. Track Beasts is useful to track down Druid flag carriers in BGs, Track Humanoids to track down players, and Track Hidden to increase your stealth detection. /script c=CastSpellByName if IsControlKeyDown() then c("Track Beasts"); else if IsShiftKeyDown() then c("Track Humanoids"); else c("Track Hidden");end;end ------ One button Viper/Scorpid Sting This macro will use Viper Sting if the target is a mana class, if not then it'll use Scorpid Sting instead. /script if UnitPowerType(“target”)==0 then CastSpellByName(“Viper Sting”) else CastSpellByName(“Scorpid Sting”); end ------ Nefarian Hunter Class Call First of all, this macro will require you to have 2 ranged weapons, 1 equipped and 1 in bag slot 1. All this macro does is to equip the ranged weapon which is in bag slot 1, this will be useful versus Nefarian because of the hunter class call mechanic that will break our current equipped weapon, however we have no way of knowing if its gonna be our class call or others. So switching to a secondary ranged weapon before the class call timer hits will put us out of risk for our main weapon to break, meanwhile were still able to DPS. /script SpellStopCasting() /run local p,s="player",18 if GetInventoryItemLink(p,s)then PickupContainerItem(0,1)EquipCursorItem(s)end _________ LINKS & DOWNLOADS _________ Horde BIS List Spreadsheet Patch 1.1 - 1.12 [LINK] Alliance BIS List Spreadsheet Patch 1.1 - 1.12 [LINK] Hunter Damage Cycles Breakdown 1.0 [LINK] Hunter Damage Cycles Breakdown 2.0 [LINK] TKA Something - A Hunter Site From Retail Vanilla [LINK] Consumables List [LINK] Hunter Pet Beastiary [LINK] Hunter Simulator [DOWNLOAD] You can upload the simulator to google sheets if you don't have excel
  2. Yoo just heard about the merge with elysium. I'm looking the make a new video when that happens. This is my last one, feel free to give me advice for improvements!
  3. Hello, i'm Tronus and i'm an European guy that want to create and push a good cooperative guild through this Vanilla realm (both PvE, PvP). I've seen that at the moment there aren't active horde guilds in recruiting, so i thought to create my own one and regroup all the disbanded players that want to join "HORDE". So the main objectives that i would to reach are: - create a good cooperative guild group in which one can help each other ( this is a prio for all the group); - create a good raid group (with a flex raid schedule) to try to reach the "First Realm"; - create good and competitive BG/Arena groups with the goal to destroy the "ALLIANCE" and to push the rating; - enjoy the contents and have fun togheter; These are the main objectives that i would try to reach with your help, for any questions about it just send me a message and i'll try to answer you as soon as possible. So ty for reading this post and see you soon in the game. "For the Horde". P.S: as soon as i will see people coming to this "call" a guild forum will be created with the apply section to make a census about the races and classes we would need for the guild. Tronus.
  4. !This will be a lengthy post! To get this can of worms open here as well, I'll lead the charge so we can have this discussion now, not when the server is live and the system is already implemented (I'm sure we will have it again and again even after, this is just a preventative measure to get some of the shit out of the way). Vanilla 'blizzlike', which is a very loose term nowadays (and personally I don't like the use of it since everyone has their individual opinion of what it should be based on their experiences 10 years ago), battleground queue system is a cause of massive controversy on the two latest private servers (of any significance) to come out, K-project and Nost respectively. It usually causes a huge divide in the population/community and their opinion on how it should be implemented; leading to flame wars and lengthy forum posts on their respective forums. The system Blizzard came up with is the following: You can queue up for a battleground(s), either solo or as a group of up to 15 people, keep in mind, going past 10 will limit you to playing Arathi Basin. (AV and addon shenanigans I'll touch on later). And you can swap between the battlegrounds if another one you're queued up for happens to open. If you're in WSG and an AB opens, you can leave WSG to join AB mid-game. You'll also get the deserter debuff (15 minutes) for not participating to the fight for long enough for AFK-tag to trigger and get sent out of the BG. As for the timeline; pre-1.9.0 (AQ) you could only queue up for one battleground at a time, when the patch hit you could queue up for multiple as explained above. Arathi Basin was released in 1.7.0, WSG and AV were open from patch 1.5. I'll refer to the system explained above as Blizzlike+multiqueue (or without), with all the private server projects there have been multiple iterations of the system to suit each project's needs. I'm purposefully leaving Feenix out of the discussion since they had their own custom honor system due to the lack of players (excluding Emerald Dream I think they had a regular system). Nostalrius launched with Blizzlike+multiqueue resulting in lots of queue abuse by premades dodging battlegrounds/games they had low chance of winning or the win would be slower than a PUG-game, now I'm sure we all can agree that this is unhealthy for everyone; PUG-players get demoralized after meeting the same players over and over, getting stomped whereas the premades don't actually face that much real pvp. So the solution was to remove multiqueue but people continued to dodge, either by dropping queues or scouting the enemy faction on an alt. Next solution they came up with was a priority queue for groups queuing as a raid, how it would work is premades that queue up would be put into a separate pool for x amount of time (never confirmed, 5-10 minutes would be my guess) where the system would search for an opponent that is also a premade. IF the system couldn't find a premade to face, they'd be put in the PUG-queue and face a PUG-game after waiting for the 5 minutes to be up; Premades would fight premades, fair enough. But people being ingenious/scummy enough they quickly realized this queue system was far more abusable than any of the other ones before. With the knowledge that the opposing team would always be a premade, they could open games for each other or at least make sure they don't have to face the strongest premade available by popping a game open for them so the opposing premade will be occupied for a while (games that were opened were pretty much always PUG-games), and thus making the chances of getting a PUG game much higher for the premade that dodged. This quickly deteriorated to an era of about 8 months where competitive pvp between 'rankers' was pretty much dead, some exceptions included. - In my personal opinion this queue change also contributed massively to the Chinese industry that formed on Nostalrius, ranking characters, 'wintrading' (opening games for themselves with alt accounts) and all the other things that followed. This queue system was reverted to a 'blizzlike-no multiqueue' -queue system a few months before the server was shut down but the damage was already done. As for Kronos, they are currently suffering similar issues with Alterac Valley 40man premade queueing with an addon being removed as an option and making changes to the honor amounts gained from killing lieutenants. Their pvp forums are full of topics regarding the 'issue' and I won't make this post any longer by paraphrasing whats in them. As for my personal opinions for the healthiest possible pvp community, some non-'Blizzlike' changes should be considered; 1. Deserter debuff (possibly longer than 15 minutes) on dropping queue, as in not joining the game when a game is opened, surely if you queued up to play a battleground you had the intention of joining the game and finishing it too and can wait the 15 minutes to queue again if you don't want to join the open game. 2. No multiqueue which allows you to join a new game from a game that is already open(WSG-->AB e.g.), never to be implemented since it will most likely lead to abuse. I'd like to hear the community's opinions on how the queue and pvp system should be handled, also developer input so once again @Darkrasp, @Asura pls help. Post your opinions but refrain from the insults (most of the threads about this topic devolve into flame fests); if you really have to use the word cuck or autist to drive your point through I'll just ridicule you and ignore your (possibly - not likely) constructive post. tldr; just read the post, if really lazy read from about halfway through to the end.
  5. So as I wait patiently for this server to launch I'm playing on other servers (like I assume a lot of you are doing as well), Both to get practice and to cure my WoW itch. As I play I get Ganked a lot, which is normal. But I have noticed that unlike the old days of retail instead of jumping on a higher level character and counter Gank or another Toon to level I just stop playing and do something else. Instead of the PvP escalating and more people getting involved it just stops there. I'm seeing other people do this as well and I was thinking If I cant be bothered with it why would a new player? I have options but a new player who joined to see old content is just going to stop playing and move on to something else. Does this hurt the server? I have more thoughts on the subject but I don't want to wall of text you all more then I have, also these just might be the ramblings of a madman. I'm interested in your thoughts on this.
  6. Hey guys! I'm looking for a nice, friendly but serious raiding guild. Is there any such guild in the making?
  7. Hello guys! I'm newcomer on this project and the PTE idea really interests me. Seems like a dream for all those people that started playing WoW when retail was already in mid-wotlk / cata etc. and we never got a chance to experience the real adventure from vanilla -> legion as retail players did. That's why I became fan of this project and I really wish everything will work and nothing will screw up (in the recent past private servers are being more and more targeted by hackers, maybe Blizz, or who know by whom) because Crestfall project is unique and has great perspective. So, I'm planning to play here when the server releases but I cannot really decide between these two: HUNTER vs. MAGE. It's not just talking about them like about flavour of the month since I plan to main that one character throughout all expansions from Vanilla -> wherever we gets. Ofc I expect replies such as "play what you like..." "play what entertains you..." "everything is good, it depends on your skill....", but more than that I'm looking for some of your personal opinions, preferences, what would YOU choose. As I said we are talking about long term playing hunter/mage through more expansions, so try think about it like that. Cheers, Hanneth.
  8. What would you people say have the best racials for PvP as kitty. Tauren with stomp or Nelfs with + stealth?
  9. Will Crestfall have Line of Sight in PvP? Imo this feature enhances the PvP experience greatly.
  10. Finally got a mate conviced to play vanilla, anyway we are going to be playing on Nostalrius while we wait for Crestfall and casually PvP (both work full-time so can't really play much nowadays). Now my question is, what would be the most annoying classes together in WPvP and BGs? We were thinking double frost mage or two rogues. We intend to raise the salt levels by a lot, for the greater good of course.
  11. Hello, my name is Oliver and I'm thinking about creating a Swedish raiding guild who aim to be top 10 on this server. I'm looking for experienced people to take officer spots and help me recruit. I'm a very experienced GM and I've had many sucessful guilds on retail, 250 world at best. We will even have a premade pvp team. Even though we will only raid 2 days a week I require that you bring everything needed to make that 2 days worth, no slacking allowed. Add me on skype for more info, Oliverbyo Regards Oliver
  12. Per discord request wowChess mini-game from my archives (not coded by me, Hexarobi is the author from Classic) https://mega.nz/#!JN83nCpC!UhvBye1IsVVkKdJ-Al8B0YZJGguWaVVqrMOQrJsbWrk Use /chess in-game for help.
  13. The latest instalment in a look back at er.....moments that remain captured in our memories such as Blood Plague and Bus Shock. Our story begins in March 2006, when a Horde Player on the US Illidian dies from a stroke. To honour her name (Fayejin) her guild decided to hold a funeral at Frostfire Springs in Winterspring, on the basis that she loved the area and liked nothing more than to relax by doing a spot of fishing. So they advertised this heavily on the realm forums so that people could turn up and pay their respects. Their plan was quite simple, one of the guild members would log on using the Fayejin avatar and proceed to fish and people would log on, form a line, and pay their respects individually by emotes or just to say a few words. Nice. Good to show the deceased some respect. Did I mention this was a PvP realm? An Alliance guild called Serenity Now figured it would be more appropriate to show their respects by Funeral Bombing the cortege just as it was underway, including killing Fayejin. Futhermore, to increase the lulz, they made a video of the slaughter to include comments from the community after the attack just to stick the knife in, again and again. Here's the video they made: It became so infamous PC Gamer had an article on it here: Classy Alliance Mr Internet interviewed the Guild Master, Matt Kment, that you can see below: Now I would agree with most people that good 'ol Matt looks exactly like I thought he would. So what do we make of this? They could have held the funeral in Horde controlled territory to minimise the risks. They could have advertised it in-guild or on the horde side rather than paint a big target on their collective heads. But ultimately the planning was to allow all to pay respect (horde and alliance) and also to pay homage to the Fayejin in the territory she loved best. Ultimately, what do you expect from an Alliance guild on a PvP server. Until next time.
  14. It *might* appear to be a little presumptuous of me to start a thread on future guilds that will not be active realm wise for a good few months, but as most of us know, a good guild is as rare as hens teeth. Most of us will have been in crap, mediocre, average, good and excellent guilds. We can usually define what made them good, bad or indifferent. The purpose of this thread therefore, is to focus peoples' minds on the process that is required to set the good and excellent ones up. On the assumption that we have two realms to begin with, PvE and PvP, we can define guilds roughly into the following categories: Raiding Guilds - I've never been part of a vanilla raiding guild. Biggest was about 25-30 full core members and we mostly did Karazhan. But plain 'ol vanilla needs lots of players with end raiding comprising of 40 member groups, and the further you go, the more hard-core they need to be. Therefore these will represent the biggest guilds on either server, with a plethora of additional members that are more casual raiders or just like the cachet of being in a hardcore guild. These guilds typically have well-run websites/forums and strict rules on VoIP, macros, add-ons, UI interface, loot rules, behaviour guidelines. They usually require enormous resources in disposable items like potions, food, oils which are resourced in-guild or through the AH. Typically, the professionalism in running these guilds requires an excellent management team, and the fact that all these (people) resources are hard to come by makes these guilds, and their potential fall-outs an all-consuming affair. I don't see much difference between Raiding Guilds on PvP and PvE bar the spectacular fireworks that break out on the PvP servers when two such guilds just happen to arrive at the same instance at the same time. Funny for some.... PvP Guilds - Again, something I don't have a lot of experience in, but not that difficult to understand. For PvP guilds to focus is very much on world PvP and battlegrounds. Quite a few of them will specialise in twinking with high level toons giving run throughs for lower level toons to enable boss loot acquisition. A large membership base is not essential but can be required in battlegrounds like Alterac Valley and also in world PvP. Having a website and a forum would not be considered essential as most of requirements can be catered online. Still, having a common VoIP and add-on pool as well as a hub to coordinate and encourage members to communicate and cooperate can make social media essential. Leveling Guilds - I find these guilds to be pretty unworkable unless you have an end gameplan. In theory, having lots of friendly players level together to get through elite or gathering quests seems a no-brainer. It also allows people to get to know each other and there style of playing pretty quickly over multiple levels. It makes instances a breeze in getting the numbers together. Over time high level toons can end up escorting low level ones to get through instances and tough elite quests and assist on power-leveling. They tend to be pretty big and pretty casual with a high-turnover rate. The issue I have with these guilds is what happens when people have finished leveling up all the toons they are prepared to commit to? Getting to L60 vanilla is very much like hitting a wall. Unless you have a plan you can get bored and restless pretty quickly. Having a good guild with a plan helps as it gives a sense of purpose. So what has happened in the past is that a leveling guild will transform to a raiding guild over a period of time, and sometimes this can make a very good guild indeed as the relationships and understanding is already there. Social Guilds - Just as it says, these guilds are there, particularly in vanilla as it such a long, hard slog, to keep people sane when they are hunting for that last article needed to complete a quest, or grinding for Felcloth, or killing their 1256th Bloodsail Buccaneer for a Hyacinth Macaw. You need a fun guild with people on at different times, with different personalities and by God, a sense of humour, irony and sarcasm to make the whole thing bearable and fun. Social guilds can be run as professionally as raiding guilds or as loose and fast as leveling guilds. It doesn't really matter. Of all the guilds, I think social ones best represent the entire community playing this game as well....a game. Social guilds can raid and pvp like any other guild but don't take themselves too seriously. RL Guilds - In this we usually have a bunch of real life friends who use WoW as an extension of their friendships. This is particularly pertinent if like me, the friends you grew up with playing WoW can now be found in other countries. Typically a social guild and with small numbers, they tend to level multiple characters and all the max/min match depending on any instance they do. Speaking from experience, RL guilds can slot into larger guilds for the big raids but with the qualification that they have usually picked up a lot of bad habits along the way. All of the above - Of course there are lots of guilds that are hybrids of the above, or that evolve or regress as time and members dictate. There are no hard and fast rules. So going back on topic, it occurs to me that it might be a good time for people to start thinking about what kind of guild we want to be in on the Crestfall realms, rather than making that decision when they start playing. Time is money, friend. As this may be the nth time you've leveled and after Nost/Kronus the romance is wearing thin, maybe we all need a plan on what we role up, what we do in the guild, and how we maximise the time spent. It is all about the journey, but that journey has been done so many times. So I would invite those of you interested in forming and running a guild, no matter what flavour, to come forward over the next few months and put your pitch in. Would it not be a good thing is we had a couple of months put in to a website, a forum, a members list and a plan?
  15. I didn't find any poll here in general discussion tab or Class. The question is direct: What class you will play it? We all know ppl make alts, but let's think about a - main char. This will help some people to know the balance of classes atleast ( Spec poll would be so damn long being 3x9=27 specs '-' ) If a poll already exists, please, delete this post and/or link it to me. I'm anxious to see how many people will play a hunter or paladin; I'm doing this because i love to play underused classes (even priest can be a thing, but i'll try to keep as Shadow if I do it. In possible raids i'll must respec holy :[ or get benched...#tears). And I'll must learn everything again after 3y without play WoW, so ~ answer the question to help some guys like me, to know what classes will be overused / missed in-game. Best regards
  16. So. We might as well get this over with. There have been signs of it bubbling over the last couple of days, and so as the PvE boys and girls are usually first in most things WoW, I might as well start the process. To recap, Crestfall will start with two realms as an intention. The only guarantee is a PvP realm, the PvE version is an almost certainty but people should still advocate and argue for its inclusion. It would be fair to say that relations between both communities can be strained at times. Because the PvP realms tend to have a higher population (typically 4:1) than the PvE realms, it can sometimes feel that the PvE players are constantly subjected to banter and other relatively harmless slagging. But nevermind, in this thread we'll rise above it all and give you the rundown starting with.... IN THE BEGINNING World of Warcraft was launched Stateside on the 23rd November 2004. I have to admit I wasn't there. They launched the game with a bunch of realms that they added to over the years. But in the beginning we had: PvP realms - 43 over three time zones PvE realms - 41 over three time zones RP realms - 5 but we're not going into that....not that there's anything wrong with it So the PvP vs PvE debate, players vote with their feet and developers and managers crunch numbers to adjust accordingly. So in order to identify popularity and preference, we just need to look at what server types were launched in the whole of 2005 to see what the preference was for....so for that year, these are the numbers of what was released: PvP realms +18 PvE realms +8 Clearly therefore, in Vanilla WoW PvP servers were overwhelmingly more popular that PvE ones *once people had played the game and read about it* However, this is clearly related to the New World perspective where everyone can form a militia and arm it with assault rifles. Surely in Europe, where we have culture in amidst starting global wars, we'd show a less aggressive approach and prefer the tranquil, cultural backwaters that are PvE realms, right? So we dug into the figures on the launch date in Europe 11th February 2005 - no, I wasn't around for that either but it is my wife's birthday so I have an excuse - and found this.... PvP realms - 19 over two countries PvE realms - 16 over two countries So let's see what happened over the next 12 months PvP realms +26 PvE realms +5 So let's put this in black and white. In Vanilla, and through progressions, the overwhelming demand from players was to play on PvP realms. Blizzard may have started out with the idea that demand would be split pretty evenly but within a year, they were mass-producing PvP realms to tailor for the demand. Factoid for this section: PvE is referred to by Blizzard as 'Normal Realm' which makes PvP abnormal, right? RAID PROGRESSION So now we can concentrate on realm firsts. We'll stick with the US for Vanilla as they had quite the head start, but if we look at what realms cleared the first bosses we see as follows: Onyxia - Proudmoore US PvE 30.01.2005 Molten Core (Ragnaros) - Ascent US PvE 25.04.2005 BWL (Nefarian) - Shattered Hand US PvP 26.09.2005 Temple of AQ (C'Thun) - Magtheridon EU PvE 25.04.2006 Naxxramas (Kel'thuzad) - Magtheridon EU PvE 07.09.2006 Now I find these results fascinating. The US had a huge head start (about 13 weeks on the EU) and even downed Onyxia before the EU realms even started. Now in fairness C'thun by all accounts was impossible to kill, and eventually was nerfed with the fix taking place at the start of the US raid reset giving the EU guilds first shot (read about it HERE), but clearly no such excuses for Kel'thuzad. For our purposes, what's really important is this. Factoid for this section: In spite of the proliferation of PvP realms, when it comes to raid progression in Vanilla, if the numbers on the population are equal, PvE realms record more server firsts REALM TYPES IN VANILLA Last update on the Reddit forum on WoW private servers (June 30th 2016) is as follows: Feenix Server Rates: x5 Hollowfall Rates: x1 Kronos WoW Rates: x1 Nemesis WoW Rates: x1 (quests x2) Magic WoW Rates: x1 (quests x2) PvE Nostal Geek Rates: x1 Retro WoW Rates: Instant 60 Stormage Rates: x20 The Rebirth Rates: x1 Valkyrie Wow Rates: x1 Vanilla Gaming Rates: x1-x15 Vanilla Servers Rates: x1 Virtue Arena Rates: x1 Let's break this down to ''proper'' Vanilla servers with 1x rates and add in recent or upcoming servers: Hollowfall - this website cannot be reached Kronos I - PvP, active, decent population Kronos II - PvP active, decent population Nostal Geek - PvP French, no idea The Rebirth - PvP, low population, numerous issues in the past Valkyrie - PvP Russian only Elysium - PvP English speaking variant of Valkyrie launched this month Vanilla Servers - PvP I sense the force is weak in this one Virtue Arena (Bathos) - PvE (yah!) but looks dead So, in very broad brushstrokes, for PvP realms that are functional and have decent populations we have two. For PvP realms that are problematical owing to population/language/legacy issues we have four. For everything else we have a combination of accelerated rates, gimped websites, lousy reddit forums and non-activity and only one of those is PvE. Factoid for this session: PvP players in vanilla have a limited choice on where they can play, PvE players have none. Conclusions and Best Guesses The fact of the matter is that we really won't know what the populations on the PvP and PvE servers will be. But we can make an educated guess. We can expect total madness and chaos at the start, and I am very pleased about this as I have never been there for the creation of a new realm before. So when we look at the past in relation to progression of realms in retail and the very cogent example that Nostalrius gave us on their PvP and PvE realms, we can be pretty sure that in normal circumstances, the PvP population will be 3 to 4 times greater than the PvE version. But these are not normal circumstances. With the dearth of choice for PvE players we can expect that the numbers will be a lot closer. I believe that when the realms settle down after 6 or so months, the PvP will have maxed out at 4-5000 players. I actually think that the PvE realm will be very close to this and I'll tell you why. Unless another PvP realm is released then those players who want to play on a CF core will go to the PvE realm. So if you are reading this and wondering what the smart choice is, it's this. Join the PvE realm knowing that the server will start off slow and build up a head of steam as more players hear about us. Not having the option of the PvP realm they'll convert to us. And you will be sitting very pretty at L60 with the world as your oyster. Crestfall Kel'thuzad first? PvE realm thank you very much. Working as intended.
  17. Aight so I'm just generally curious to see how many danish people we're gonna see on this server, and if it's a possibility to form a semi-hardcore/hardcore guild from. PM this thread/me if this does appeal to u
  18. Below i give you the Vanilla PvP movies worth watching. (Not complete, Will be updated) Enjoy. Rogue ---------------------------------------- Mage ------------------------------------------- Warlock -------------------------------------------- Druid -------------------------------------------
  19. What are your thoughts of an RPPVP server in crestfall? Do you think this could open a market to the vanilla Rpers who left? Would you try out a Vanilla RPPVP server?
  20. Hey there I only recently heard of your server, and am really excited to see what you guys have been working on due to all other private servers being so shit with our expectations set so high from leaving Nost ( Maybe thats just me though). Either way I have a small query I'd like to ask you, maybe you have covered this somewhere else and I just missed it. Anyways here it goes... Back in retail vanilla for the purpose of not flooding the server with information they kept the tick rate low ( hope this is the right term ), so information going into the server in for instance PvP scenarios would happen simultaneously from both sides of the users enabling mechanics such as two warriors charging each other and merely changing positions or rogues being able to gouge the mage blink. "Features" as such became less of a factor throughout Blizzards expansions due to enhancing their server performances, but throughout private server history this is something you seldom see. So my question to you is are you planning on including vanilla characteristics as such or are you possibly planning on leaving it out on purpose. Thank you for your time and keep up the good work.
  21. Greets. Back in vanilla I played priests then graduated to shamans and well, kind of stopped there. Have played Rogues, Mages and Hunters but not to any level of proficiency. I never played Druids on the basis that two of our RL players filled those slots in true hybrid format. Those days we never realised how constrained druids were on DPS/tanking primarily because we never raided. In BC+ things started to get fixed and the class became more viable but I was stuck behind the other players. So I only started playing Druids in Nost and I have to say I really love the class with the diversity it provides. As of yet I haven't decided to kick off CF with a Shaman or a Druid and therefore quite conflicted. I guess that as my best experiences were playing a Drenai babe in Karazhan I'm kind of thinking on those lines. So should I decide to play a Druid (faction depending) there is one element that fascinates me. In Vanilla, but not necessarily in modern times, Druids were always down at the bottom of least-played classes. A lot of that was down to end-game viable specs and bad press. Now that we have the benefit of hindsight that may not be the case, but I would still predict low numbers as a percentage of other classes. The bit that interests me however, is that based on what I've read, there was a tremendous amount of cross-faction respect amongst Druids. So for example, in WSG - the Druid tour de force - Druids would typically salute each other as they headed in travel form to grab opposing flags. On some servers Druids could name all the their L40+ compatriots not only in their own faction but on the opposing faction too. Uniquely, because of their limited numbers, Druids acted a a community within a community based on the fact that they are one of the most enjoyable classes to play and the least understood. So my thoughts are that in CF, those of us that want to play this class take our history, dignity and fraternity into account and give the respect that each side deserves. This is not to say we go all luvvy-duvvy (pass me the sick bag), just that we take into account that a Druid of the opposing faction, played well, is still head and shoulders above any other class. What say you?
  22. So. It's been well over a month since the launch of this pretty excellent forum. We get constant detailed feedback from the devs, admin, forum gods and assorted henchmen, which in turn gives confidence and hope that Crestfall may well end up being the best, most vanilla-like, stable, drama-free and well protected non-retail server since, well, ever. However, regardless of how much work goes into making the realms as vanilla-like as possible with flawless pathing, mobs, raid encounters and loot drops, all will fade into meaninglessness unless we get the numbers to make both PvE and PvP servers work. We're now on a finite time plan where (one assumes), the developers have fixed an approximate date when the servers will be launched, give or take a month or two. That being the case, we need to see an increase of activity on this forum as well as on applicable websites/forums that will promote/advertise Crestfall and ensure that we get as healthy a start as possible. While most of us would be happy to get a stable population full of mature, intelligent, fun loving adults, that simply is not going to happen. So the appeal of the servers must also transcend to elitist jerks, trolls, kids and especially, those that want to experience vanilla as it ought to be. With that in mind I am putting it out there that we need a committee of the average and the mostly good to campaign on drawing attention to this initiative, and build up a base of interested parties that increase in tandem to the server countdown. Clearly, we're not talking about propaganda, lies, falsification and bribes. We're talking about replicating the mature and detailed approach the developers have taken to Crestfall in our efforts to attract (mostly) the right kind of players. To do this, we need a plan, we need a bunch of dedicated Cresters who want to give the team here and ourselves the best start possible. This is my opinion and perhaps I am wrong or going about it the wrong way. If so and as usual I welcome correction and advice. We're all in this together.