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Found 5 results

  1. I thought I'd start a thread to discuss downranking spells as a Healing Priest. I'm in no way an expert on this topic as I did a majority of my end game healing in BC and if I remember correctly that was around the time this entire topic became obsolete (or at least was heading that way). I'm personally curious as to some of the thought process behind downranking for certain situations and how a few players who are used to the mechanic get that accomplished. So Downranking is essentially using a lower rank of a spell for mana efficiency or occassionally for a quicker cast (again I don't know if this is particularly applicable in terms of priest spells). If anyone has a better definition of such that would be helpful. Currently I'm using click casting addons whereas in the past I used Healbot. I'm noticing issues with my setup (which might be better suited to ask in an addon thread) where Clique won't properly Downrank. Calling all Vanilla healer pros for advice and help with the particulars of Downranking and how to actually implement those casts.
  2. Hello, my name is Oliver and I'm thinking about creating a Swedish raiding guild who aim to be top 10 on this server. I'm looking for experienced people to take officer spots and help me recruit. I'm a very experienced GM and I've had many sucessful guilds on retail, 250 world at best. We will even have a premade pvp team. Even though we will only raid 2 days a week I require that you bring everything needed to make that 2 days worth, no slacking allowed. Add me on skype for more info, Oliverbyo Regards Oliver
  3. Hey, I'd like to discuss this topic mentioned by Darkrasp in the FAQ and give my own personal tuning as an example. Id love to hear how you others would change the bosses and why you would do so ! Darkrasp said that they wont write new mechanics so its only allowed to change the existing ones in numbers. This is not about IF it should be done or not! As MC is the first raid that is going to be approached I'll give an example of how I would change the bosses inside. Magmadars Cavern (Lucifron / Magmadar) Lucifron + 100% Boss-HP ( Increasing fight length to match improved player-skill/knowledge ) + Impending Doom damage increased from 2000 to 5000 (Making not dispelling punishing -> will likely kill a undergeared player) + Impending Doom Duration increased from 10 to 15 seconds ( Giving more time to dispell ) Magmadar + 100% Boss-HP ( Increasing fight length to match improved player-skill/knowledge ) + Lavabomb-Duration increased to 5 minutes ( It will make them last the whole fight and might lead to the tank needing to relocate the boss ) + Lavabomb-Cooldown set to 20 seconds The Middle Part I (Gehennas / Garr / Geddon ) Gehennas + 100% Boss-HP ( Increasing fight length to match improved player-skill/knowledge) + Rain of Fire radius reduced from 10 to 8 yards (Smaller area due to other buffs to Rain of Fire) + Rain of Fire duration increased from 6 to 30 seconds. + Raid of Fire Cooldown set to 15 second (Having 2 Rains of Fire up at all time) Garr + 100% Boss-HP ( Increasing fight length to match improved player-skill/knowledge) + The Firesworns are no longer banishable (Id like to qoute "Onyxia Wipe Animation" : Many Adds! Handle Them! ) Geddon + 100% Boss-HP ( Increasing fight length to match improved player-skill/knowledge) + Living Bomb Detonation Time reduced from 10 to 8 seconds. ( Quicker reaction needed ) + Living Bomb Cooldown set to 12 seconds. (People need to run out more often) The Middle Part II ( Shazzrah / Sulfuron / Golemagg ) Shazzrah + 100% Boss-HP (Increasing fight length to match improved player-skill/knowledge) + Shazzrahs Curse Damage Modifier increased from 100% to 200%. ( Dispelling is more important ) + Arcane Explosion Radius reduced from 20 to 15 yards. (Making it easier for meeles to outrange if low HP) + Magic Grounding Cooldown reduced to 15 seconds ( Need to purge/dispel magic more often and reliable ) Sulfuron + 50% Boss-HP (Increasing fight length to match improved player-skill/knowledge) + 100% Add-HP ( Making Adds harder to kill and increasing fight length ) + Sulfuron Guard heal spell now heals for 100% HP and has 200 yards range. ( Every Add needs to be kicked properly or kited/LoS very far away ) + Aoe Knockdown range increased to 40 yards. + Aoe Knockdown duration set to 2 seconds. Golemagg + 100% Boss-HP (Increasing fight length to match improved player-skill/knowledge) + Core Ragers Mangle damage increased from 300 to 500 per 2 seconds. ( Offtank/s need more healing ) + Pyroblast impact damage reduced from 2000 to 1000. (Lesser oneshots on low-health targets) + Pyroblast dot damage increased from 200 to 750 per 3 seconds. (More damage over time) + Magma Splash damage per stack reduced from 50 to 30. ( Less Punishment for meeles due to longer fight) The Final Part ( Majordomo Executus & Ragnaros ) Majordomo Executus + 50% Add-HP (Increasing fight length to match improved player-skill/knowledge) + Purple Shield Reflecting damage increased from up to 100 to up to 200 damage. ( Punish bad play ) + White Shield spell reflect chance increased from 50% to 100%. ( Punish bad play ) + Teleport cooldown set to 20 seconds. Ragnaros + 100% Boss-HP (Increasing fight length to match improved player-skill/knowledge) + Time before re-submerge reduced from 90 to 60 seconds. + Elemental Fire damage increased from 4800 to 6000 over 8 seconds. + Hammer of Ragnaros Cooldown set to 20 seconds. + Melt Weapon removed. ( Due to longer fight ) Okay, so this is it. I'm looking forward to your ideas for specific fights or for feedback on my ideas
  4. What are some of your favorite memories from retail vanilla way back in the day. They can be anything from getting some nice items or just fishing with your guild anyhting really. Mine is probably just coming home from school and playing with the long gone rogue 'emelious' who i would quest with for hours and during that time my parents fabreezed the house, so whenever I smell that fabreeze it brings me back to my time with emelious creating characters noodling around in WoW
  5. You may encounter certain situations where you end up discussing rather "Private" things in a public thread with two or more people. This might cause the closing of a thread and/or annoys other community members. We have a solution though! 1. Write a private message to the target person. 2. Discuss the topic which has been mentioned here in whatever way you prefer (Respect the other person though if you will be ignored). 3. Invite your friends, family and favourite haters. But how do you invite further people and convert it into a kind of group chat? -> Well, simply press the "Invite a member" button.