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Found 1 result

  1. Reciprocity - Reunion Hey peeps! I have recently seen some old guildies around the forum (Looking at you @Thomaszine) so I decided to create a new forum post where we could all gather up and hopefully re-create the glory and epicness that was Reciprocity! So if you have been part of Reciprocity (Alliance - Nostalrius) please jump in and show yourself! If you also keep in touch with anyone else from the guild, tell them to come and say 'hi'! Ideally in this forum section we will be able get together, organize and hopefully play/raid together once more when Crestfall goes live. Here are some stuff we need to consider achieve: Choose a Faction (For The Alliance once more?) Get as many people as we can from the old guild here (let's hope we can get our core back in game) I will be updating this specific post with news since it's the first one in the section and everyone will be able to see it =) P.S. Here are some old guild pics for you guys (I should have made more...): Reciprocity screenshots List of guild members who are here: @Thomaszine, @Chipses, @roopas (Jumalvelho),