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Found 2 results

  1. As i am going through the BIS pre-raid for healing priest i notice there is some top gear you can get just for being Honored or Exalted in Alterac Valley. I have a hard time finding info on how to gather reputation in AV vanilla WoW. Is it something that can be casually done or you have to be devoted to the cause. Anyone could give me tips or know about a tutorial how to get reputation in AV the fastest? Thanks
  2. I start this topic because of some latest thoughts on how important the system of "forum reputation" on posts can be for a healthy communication and organization of the "community" around here. Especially with the newest influx of toxicity and disorientation around the Crestfall-Project i was really positively surprised how well it was handled in the forums. There might be many reasons for this, and none of them will give an exhaustive explanation, maybe you even disagree on this positive picture i draw here. So i would be glad to hear your opinion and reasoning on that matter. I personally link the positive picture i get to the optimistic perspective that is presented to new members. On the one hand this is carried by the impression of the high level of expertise and professionalism of the staff, on the other hand by an already existing "community of shared values" of most of the members here. For the first point one can only be grateful to the Crestfall-Team, it's a rare honor and chance. The second point is due to an interplay between the CF-STaff and the members of the CF-Community. And this is also managed and structured with the help of the reputation system: When looking back at the Nostalrius-forums or when taking a peek into the Elysium-forums one will find no kind of reputation-system. What you also get is a lot more "extreme-talk": People that only declare their allegiance to the project no matter what, or people that go on a rampage against the server. Also there is way more bashing against "uninformed" ppl, that want to get a hold of the situation and so forth. I think, that this is also because there is no elaborated way of building a hierarchy in the community. And before you get me wrong here: I'm talking not mainly about a hierarchy of members, but a hierarchy of thoughts (even though both are somewhat intertwined). You leave the community in some way confused and unorganized, because of the sheer magnitude of voices that come to the surface. The more structured the community can debate on their own behalf the less black and white reactions you will get when introducing new elements to the project. I think, that the recent drama was also supported by a lack of a established middle-ground to reflect on things. Many ppl just went nuts against Elysium (hailing to every new groundless accusation that popped up) or blindly followed the "truths" of the Elysium-Team (Shenna somewhat resembled this mentality when she more or less said, that it is about "trust" and not about "reason" concerning the project under her lead - see the leaked staff-meeting). Also in regard to recent reflections on the dangers of an influx of "toxic dynamics" here n the forums due to unprecedented attention the project has seen, i would like to point out, how good things went so far here in the forums. I somewhat doubt, that a stricter moderation here will be of benefit to the overall concept. Again sorry for my bad english. I hope there will be some replies and also differing/complementary opinions :). Greetings