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Found 1 result

  1. Hi I'm interested in rolling on Crestfall although I have some concerns, specifically tbc ret paladins. Crestfall is my hope of recreating my ret pally tbc experience. My concerns lie in the fact that crestfall has announced itself as a bug free project. Particularly when it comes to seal twisting and vindication immunities procing JoW. While a bug, is blizz like. I do believe specific non earth shattering bugs grounded by skillful execution was highlighted in their youtube Q & A as being perhaps justifiable. Thereby justifying seal twisting but that would also require the server to be scripted with spell delay, a trait many servers do not share. Will Crestfall be including spell delay? Secondly, vindication procing seal of wisdom on immune targets while not skill based I do fine to be a necessity in tbc. Ret paladins fall behind in the first two stages of a three stage PTE server in many ways. In this regard suffering from mana issues. I do not believe blizzard did anything to alleviate dps paladins mana issues until patch 3.0. As the consensus of the ret paladin community was to wear warrior plate over tier sets to achieve the highest possible dps relying on any form of secondary Mp5. In this case the bug. My concern is that by eliminating too many bugs that it may have a underlying effect on specs that already have trouble competing for viability. Has there been any offical posts addressing this?