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Found 9 results

  1. Hi everyone, i 've read a bit about that serveur, but it stays confuse for me. So i would have a simple question: When this server will come out, will it be in vanilla version or already in TBC version? Or maybe there is already a vanilla realm that will evolve to BC? Sorry if that subject has been talked about, i just couldn't find answers to that and didn't quite get it ! Cheers
  2. Hello. A lot of you may know about this guy who clearly has a small chip on his shoulder about Kronos. I check up on his stats from time to time, have to say I consider them to be factual and accurate. The latest stats are extremely worrying about Kronos, pre-merger. Link is here If Kronos throw in the towel (as I have no doubt that they consider the server to be a commercial entity and not a charity vehicle) then this would be a serious blow to the community.
  3. I took care of the "Webserver" related issues today as promised by moving the forums to a new dedicated server, this should reduce the known Cloudflare errors. Also all sites should load a few times faster now without any noticeable delay. Additionally the bandwidth speed has been increased from 100Mbit to 1000Mbit (Reserved). Please note that the current PHP version and related configuration is experimental, I will watch the logs and statistics and tweak it accordingly. Please contact me if you encounter any unusual problems. Happy posting
  4. Preamble I'm going to make some generalist comments here, happy to edit anything afterwards so please feel free to add links or corrections or whatever. This thread and the attached poll is to gauge feedback. Therefore your vote matters so please, even if you don't normally post, put an x on the poll even if you only have the vaguest intentions of playing. This thread/poll is all about how the running costs of the server are mitigated. This could mean a number of things: The server costs are mitigated to some degree and the rest is paid for by owners The server costs are recouped and any excess is held over for the next payment due The server costs are recouped and at the end of a set time period (say one year) the excess can be used in any way deemed necessary by the owners. I would imagine choices 1+2 would be agreed upon by the majority of the players here, especially choice #2. The fact of the matter is that if Crestfall is successful and we want PTE, a profitable server should give a return to encourage and reward the owners/developers to continue the project in the years to come. That's my opinion, feel free to disagree. Meat 'n Bones So as per FAQ: Q. First thing's first. Pay to win? A. No. No purchased levels, skills, gold, or items. We reserve the right to change our minds if it's a matter of keeping the servers online post-launch, but our intention is not to have any pay to win system of any kind. That said, the server will need to generate some money to cover expenses. We'll pay most out of pocket, but player contribution is appreciated. To that end, it is likely that we will have an item shop involving vanity items you cannot get in-game, such as TCG rewards, Blizzcon/Collectors Edition Pets, armorless mount skins (provided you already own the original version) etc. We are also considering (just as ideas) things like Gold Memberships which allow players to skip any login queue and have increased developer access, name changes, PvE<->PvP realm transfers, etc. Nothing that will affect your gameplay experience, but hopefully appealing enough to drum up sufficient financing for the server. Hmm. Now I can't find the specific post from Asura so you'll have to take my word for it. Essentially, he states there will be no shop or any other format of monetary contribution until after the server launches. This, on the basis of other private servers who have received funding and then didn't deliver on their promises. From that I take it that any method of contribution to the server running costs won't be in operation until the end of the first month. This would allow the realms to settle down and people can apply an objective view to their viability. It also removes a number of weapons that people indisposed to Crestfall will use against us. There's a post from Crogge here: We need donations to survive on the long term and ensure that we have sufficient resources available. Keep in mind that we paid so far everything out of our own pockets, that starts with the monthly fee of the testserver/webserver and ends with required tools like our forum license / design or developer tools (Yes, everything is legally obtained). Why would we need a core with clustering if we can't afford several physical servers? Keep in mind that Crestfall is designed to host up to 6000 players with ease on a single realm. We need also proper protection and the proxies which have been mentioned in the Q&A, this will end up at least in a monthly 4-digit amount. And, finally on the same thread... Secondly we're going to open methods for people to obtain items that are not obtainable through in-game methods. It's a good idea to see how much we can get with Donations at first, but people will be upset when they cannot obtain their TCG items they want. We'll have mounts in the shop but it won't be a "buy it get skill free" because you will actually require riding skill to use it. But what about cosmetics such as http://www.wowhead.com/item=23705 or http://www.wowhead.com/item=23709 ? Are these going to be a reason for people to "not play here" because we're giving players an option to receive items that are otherwise not possible on Private Servers because naturally Trading Card Game cards are not made to be used with Private Servers in mind. I hope that we can get some good discussions about this and get some good intel about peoples thoughts on this. It does make me surprised currently to see that items you cannot obtain in-game sold to a shop seems to be a no-go, when these items were originally buyable with real money (AND RNG, we could implement a system where people buy "packs" and get virtual cards, pray to RNGesus that you get items) only. EDIT: To clarify, Tabard of Flame and Frost would naturally be released when it launches. There are NOT a lot of items in Vanilla that will be added to the store due to the nature of not a lot of vanity items were unobtainable. One set is the Vanilla Collector's Edition pets that is possible during vanilla. So that's the official line, unofficially. The Community Speaks So without taking any credit away, the main thread and poll on funding the server comes from @Cheat here, where most of the staff comments come from. It's worth reading the whole thread in detail. There is a vote which shows 126 votes with 86 voting no (68%) and 40 voting yes (32%). However, I and quite a few others didn't vote because the poll was a little limited (no offence meant) in options. It's clear there are strong views so with this poll the intention is to tease them out in a bit more detail for the devs to consider. In addition, there was quite a lot of talk about what might be available or not available in the shops, particularly the pre 1.4 mounts as in this one @Youfie would prefer the pre 1.4 mounts available for a limited amount of time server side as being blizz-like but agrees that the riding skill should be at 1.12 values Another one on vanity pets here: And the last community article is a discussion on subscriptions as generated through the Zul'Dare realm players here: So that's pretty much it so far. Rounding Things Up So what I'm trying to do is a series of questions where the community can give a best practice response as to what the majority of players will be happy with. I'll try to encompass as many possibilities as I can, but bear in mind there are limits to the # of questions I can ask. I will emphasise that for some sections of the PS community (not just the CF version) any shop regardless of content is seen as a major transgression. Some of these players will refuse to play here on that basis. †Edit. Just to clarify as I haven't been clear enough. Subscriptions are voluntary, you don't have to subscribe to play. Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time. Pledge may be a word you prefer. I personally don't. Notes on poll: Voter names are public Question on server cost is yes/no All other questions are multiple choice Reference subscriptions, a question for later is whether they are made public or not Reference subscriptions, a question for later is visible target amounts
  5. A simple but important question ... What will Crestfall do if Blizzard want to shutdown the server just like Nostalrius ? The hype train is on the rails, a lot of people just wait for Q4 2016 to get a new start in Vanilla and, honestly, they expect more than a Corecaft memes. Btw, they don't want another big waste like Nostalrius shutdown was. How you guys will handle this ? I cannot find this answer, even in FAQ or Discord recording (as a non english native it's really hard to find information in 2 hours&medium qual record, maybe you should make a debrief of this). It would be nice to have a clear statement about this point. Thank you
  6. Greetings. With the recurring theme of launch day woes for private servers, have you given any thought, or have plans to use load testers to simulate heavy load before launch? I've had some experience using Siege at work so I'd be able to offer some help (it's rather simple to setup / configure / run anyway) but I've heard good things about Tsung and Apache JMeter as well from colleagues (no hands on experience with those) I think it might be a good idea to really put the auth / login server and other systems through their paces using a tool closer to release, rather than hope for the best like most other emulators seem to be doing Sorry if this is something obvious / already planned, thought I'd mention it. It seems reasonable to simulate launch day conditions taking the most extreme scenario in consideration (like that your population cap or more will try to login on the first day) I recently had to put an nginx( reverse proxy,web server), uwsgi (app server), postgres (data backend) stack through its paces, it was surprising to find where the weak link is, have had the same with microsoft-based stacks. PS. I had this in the back of my mind for some time but reading on reddit about the recent Elysium launch reminded me (they're apparently trying to fix some problem with the mangos core that limits logins to 900, after going "live")
  7. Hey there I only recently heard of your server, and am really excited to see what you guys have been working on due to all other private servers being so shit with our expectations set so high from leaving Nost ( Maybe thats just me though). Either way I have a small query I'd like to ask you, maybe you have covered this somewhere else and I just missed it. Anyways here it goes... Back in retail vanilla for the purpose of not flooding the server with information they kept the tick rate low ( hope this is the right term ), so information going into the server in for instance PvP scenarios would happen simultaneously from both sides of the users enabling mechanics such as two warriors charging each other and merely changing positions or rogues being able to gouge the mage blink. "Features" as such became less of a factor throughout Blizzards expansions due to enhancing their server performances, but throughout private server history this is something you seldom see. So my question to you is are you planning on including vanilla characteristics as such or are you possibly planning on leaving it out on purpose. Thank you for your time and keep up the good work.
  8. So. It's been well over a month since the launch of this pretty excellent forum. We get constant detailed feedback from the devs, admin, forum gods and assorted henchmen, which in turn gives confidence and hope that Crestfall may well end up being the best, most vanilla-like, stable, drama-free and well protected non-retail server since, well, ever. However, regardless of how much work goes into making the realms as vanilla-like as possible with flawless pathing, mobs, raid encounters and loot drops, all will fade into meaninglessness unless we get the numbers to make both PvE and PvP servers work. We're now on a finite time plan where (one assumes), the developers have fixed an approximate date when the servers will be launched, give or take a month or two. That being the case, we need to see an increase of activity on this forum as well as on applicable websites/forums that will promote/advertise Crestfall and ensure that we get as healthy a start as possible. While most of us would be happy to get a stable population full of mature, intelligent, fun loving adults, that simply is not going to happen. So the appeal of the servers must also transcend to elitist jerks, trolls, kids and especially, those that want to experience vanilla as it ought to be. With that in mind I am putting it out there that we need a committee of the average and the mostly good to campaign on drawing attention to this initiative, and build up a base of interested parties that increase in tandem to the server countdown. Clearly, we're not talking about propaganda, lies, falsification and bribes. We're talking about replicating the mature and detailed approach the developers have taken to Crestfall in our efforts to attract (mostly) the right kind of players. To do this, we need a plan, we need a bunch of dedicated Cresters who want to give the team here and ourselves the best start possible. This is my opinion and perhaps I am wrong or going about it the wrong way. If so and as usual I welcome correction and advice. We're all in this together.
  9. Just wanted to gauge everyone's thoughts on the whole mess. I honestly planned to play it until this server came out as a time waster, but now not so sure. There are reports of ddos, reports saying ddos was a lie, bugs, downtime, ect. Make of it what you will but I wont try to sway you either way. Just trying to get an honest idea of peoples thoughts and reactions.