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Found 1 result

  1. Greetings, My main goal on Crestfall will be to try and become main tank of a raid (nothing hardcore, but still). I allways loved tanking and i really like the idea of this position in the raid. What's appealing to me is the fact, that i'm able to bring the raid forward through my individual efforts (good strategies, crafting of good equipment like restistance specific equipment, theory crafting etc.). I'd argue that no other person's dedication has such a huge effect on the success of the hole raid (although i'd of course respect everyone's hard work the same way). There are many guides out there, which are telling you how to tank properly or what you should know equipmentwise. Although this knowledge can be quite important, there is more to know to become a successful main tank. I think the warrior is one of the most social classes in the game and thus requires the player to be social too. I'd guess many of the people who where main tank at some point invested quite some "social time" in the guilds they raided with. So i had the idea to start a topic where all the experienced main tanks can share their stories of how they obtained the position (no matter if in vanilla or any other expansion). Did you become main tank immediately after joining your guild or did you obtain the position through various stages of personal development? It doesn't matter. I think many fellow warrior's who want to try this out would like to read about your journey and the tips you could pass on to them. You can talk about everything you experienced along the way. What kind of behavior would you like to see from a main tank? What are your personal preferences considering professions? What do you think on building up a good and strong network of players for the purpose of supporting each other (by providing materials, helping with dungeon runs etc.)? I would like this thread to be a platform to share personal experiences and not to discuss about ways to play or equipment. There are other threads for this purpose. Most of all i hope there will be some people who are interested in this. Now it's your turn... ps: sorry for any weird english in this post