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Found 2 results

  1. So, as a small tidbit tossed to the ravenous community, I've got the go-ahead to do a fishing blog on the beta testing I will be doing on the beta test realm over the next few weeks. Fishing is about the only subject I know that compares with the class testers, even then, I've had to be trained on understanding the DB tables and data I have access to. Also, I've never done Beta testing before and I imagine I'll have a steep learning curve. But it will be amusing for you to see me make mistakes and assumptions and I'm fine with that. So what happens next? First I need to get my invite to the test realm. There is no fixed date on this but we'll assume some stage in April. Second, once I'm in I'll update this section of the blog and post a bump to highlight it. Third, I'll continue to give updates on a regular basis to show you what I've encountered, bugs that I've come across (may need permission for some of these to be highlighted) and keep a track on the amount of time it takes to do a full test. I'll achieve this by editing the thread and bumping it with the update. At the moment the intention is to go through the immersive element of testing by replicating what the players will go through, namely: Test skill-ups 1-300 ensuring that progress is linear depending on your skill level. Test for getaways to ensure they are consistent Test expert and artisan book and quest hub Test skill rating is correct for % catches related to skill level Test every, and I mean every, fishing location to ensure they reflect the correct zone and DB profile Test all associated non-fishing, fishing stuff (quests, items, recipes etc) Double check all valuable fish and associated drop points Update in lovely yellow, well not quite. It would drive you mad especially if you're looking at this on your mobile phone. So back to normal. I've submitted 22 bug reports into the tracker. Of these, 15 relate specifically to fishing, three are related (like missing text from fishing NPC's) and four are random encounters on my travels. Of the 22 bug reports, 2 have been resolved, 9 have been confirmed, 3 have been assigned and the balance still await picking up. Lest you feel this is slow and shoddy work, it's important to point out that the only major bug was resolved in the last push. All the others are classified as minor such as DB issues. People who hate fishing would love fishing on the Beta test realm at the moment. First, casting time is only 20 seconds (that's a TBC legacy issue, it was reduced from patch 2.1). Second, you are guaranteed a catch - the 5% rule where there is no bite is not in effect - at a maximum of 5 seconds per catch. Third, even a getaway (based on your skill and the area) gets you a skill-up. In short, fishing in Crestfall is a breeze. Anyone can get to 300 in a couple of hours. So my job is to ensure that we reverse this to being the complete pain in the arse that it always was. And so this the difference with other servers, the usual bugs aren't there, and ones that work well in other realms don't work here. Hence Beta testing. All of the bugs reported are very easy to fix, because the people who fix them created all this from the start. As a bonus, generally, bug fixes don't tend to create a multitude of other bugs because the devs know what the potential impact will be. The work is long and onerous. For example, the fishing DB is divided by type (inland and coastal) and then by group (of which there is 6). But there is an additional 10 zones on top of that. In group 1 inland along there are 29 separate areas to be checked, all of which should have the same DB in it, but don't. The most common area is perfect except that it contains raw bristle whisker catfish, which should only be found in Group 2. In addition, Bloated Brilliant Smallfish didn't show up at all, and an investigation showed that it was down as the wrong reference number. How did we verify this? We did 500 casts in Crystal Lake, that's how. When we went down to road into Elwynn Forest we should be seeing the same DB, but we're not. We did 250 casts here and the DB error was that our raw bristle whisker catfish was showing up at 18.4%. There should of course be none. All the other testing in that area is working off the same DB as Crystal Lake, so we know after 100+ casts where the issues will be. Hence the chore that is Beta testing. Let's look at some other issues I found... Here we find that we can't loot items from pools.... Here we find that bobbers that are not collected remain in the game even after log off. And here we find that Aquadynamic Fish Attractors while having the correct tool tip of 5 minutes actually last for 30 when applied This is the holistic and immersive part of testing. No point in just being random and doing the bare minimum of making it functional. In Crestfall, we test everything...and then retest it again. If you think this is beyond the call of duty as it's only fishing, you should see the theorycrafting that goes on all night trying to resolve far more important and mathematical challenges. Easter is coming and I sure intend to spend a lot of it testing the bejaysus out of the other fishing groups. Right, just to finish off this review for the sake of completeness. All the above bugs were resolved in double-quick time by Asura/Darkrasp bar the permanent bobbers one. There is an addition problem which is the # of catches required to skill-up is pretty random numbers wise, although there is a linear curve in place. So that's pretty much it. Bugs that are reported get assigned and fixed in pretty good order. Thanks for reading!
  2. Greets, So apart from the new FAQ being updated we have another snippet of news. Asura has been working on a pretty major core/bugs fix over the last few weeks and that has restricted the amount of work the beta testers have been able to do. As you know with Darkrasp's update, we recruited a large batch of beta testers recently which will increase the class testers and bring our current active pool to 40+ This includes the people who fix things of course. 80+ bug fixes were pushed through the test realm today and at this stage, a small army are currently working on the beta realm trying to break things. The next few weeks are going to be very, very busy indeed, and we expect an upsurge in progress as promised. In short, keep the faith we're getting there.