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Found 3 results

  1. So this is just a suggestion. @Elicas has already made a few threads in the hybrid forums for people to do research on commonly found class bugs on other realms. What I am suggesting is that we expand upon this for the Beta testers at the end of December. We know that the first Beta testers will be recruited to test their chosen specialist class back and forwards for realm server tests, the inference being that they have the knowledge and the time to ensure the class is as close to retail vanilla as feasible. What I feel would be a good idea is that the class leader posts on the class forum with a ''to do'' template and asks for volunteers. Now this won't mean CF realm testing but it could mean (for example) going on to another private server and spamming windfury totem and observing effects in the combat logs. Then repeat the process on other servers. It might mean trawling through wayback machine and digging up articles on sentry totem for example. It could mean trying to find chain heal mechanics on vanilla retail videos. Basically, by helping the class leader get their facts right you are ensuring you get the closest possible experience to retail. I don't see the harm in doing this, I see only positives. Amongst getting the functionality right the other benefits could be to speed up the closed Beta process, as well as increasing your rep with the staff and therefore potentially increasing your chances of getting into Beta at a later stage. However, as each class leader is likely to operate under their own modus operandi, I think its only fair that they, and they alone, put the request in for assistance should they wish to do so.
  2. Hi, just started following Crestfall and really interested in helping with testing. Does anyone have any information on how to sign up?
  3. So one suggestion I would have for players who are interested in realm testing and bug detection is this... There are quite a lot of private servers around, most of whom can be located in reddit forums such as: https://www.reddit.com/r/vanillawowservers/ If people are interested they could join these servers and specialise in a certain area. So for example, I'm currently playing on 243 Vanilla which is a 2.43 vanilla hybrid based in Oceania. I'm leveling up in Mulgore and will travel to Barrens and so forth. By the time Crestfall is released I'll be 60 kek. But I should be 30-40 when play testing begins. 243 Vanilla is PvE and very, very quiet. Already I've noticed some bugs in terms of 'falling' mobs and mobs that are spaced together resulting in adds for low level quests. All this is good practice when Beta testing begins because you will have familiarised yourself with the areas/quests/mobs etc on the basis of known bugs on that realm. No doubt you will find none at all with the high expectations we have with Crestfall, but you never know Either way, should you wish to volunteer for play-testing you can say that you have specialised in say, leveling a Druid horde side up to L40 and have used the last few months to check for bugs etc. It's a suggestion, that's all, but it will also give you a flavour of what's out there, good and bad