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Found 1 result

  1. I'm away on business, won't be back until Friday, so using the phone for this pretty much encapsulates my feelings at the moment. The recent announcement marks the end of the current community on these forums. The previous community were a bunch of humble, decent, funny, generous and knowledgeable skins. It was my honour and privilege to be part of that community. The recent announcement kills that community off, because that community have no interest in diluting the potential of Crestfall with a cheap date that might be popular, but is shallow and vacuous in terms of character. There is zero benefit to Crestfall in a relationship with Elysium bar siphoning off population. The mantra had always been 'quality counts' and that once CF launched the superior quality would act as a magnet along with the PTE concept. Collaboration with Elysium fatally damages that mantra and makes a mockery of everything this community placed their trust in. I cannot help but feel that there is a lot more to this than meets the eye. It is a volte face on par with the recent bullshit from Nostalrius. I realise there is an FAQ on the making, well gentlemen, surely you would actually prepare the FAQ to be released at the same time. That's what I would expect Darkrasp and Asura to do. Not rush into this without thinking through what the reaction would be like. You have created a vacuum and nature abhors it. On Tuesday I was meeting up with a web dev to start working on a guild website for The Filthy Casuals to show my commitment to Crestfall and also as an homage to the past where guild websites and forums were intrinsic to the community. There is no point in doing this now, because I don't trust you anymore. And to be fair, that's what really hurts. I trusted you guys up until yesterday, but I can't trust you anymore. I really don't know what I'm going to do. I'll continue to play on Elysium. It's grand. When and if Zul'Dare launches I may play on that too. I'm sure it'll be grand too. But it's like Star Wars I-III. I feel slightly used and shop soiled. I am not an entitled brat. It is your decision and is utterly within your rights to do as you see fit. But I've put a reasonable amount of thought, effort and opinion into this community, and I'm likely to have nothing to show for it. I've read through the announcement again, I've read through the comments. Overwhelmingly, they are at best disappointed and at worst, very negative. There's no going back on this. But for me from this evening we are on separate courses. I wish you the very best of luck, from the bottom of my heart. The ride was a bit meh though. Apologies for the typos. I really hate using a phone for this.