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  1. Greetings <name> So I'll be brief in case I get accused of spamming threads/posts again. Now that we have our PvE community up and running the important thing is to make it grow and prosper. To do that we need positive activity. I don't expect the forum populations to expand until open Beta, in conjunction with the devs actively promoting the server. So in the meantime it's up to us to contribute to our section of the forums and keep a healthy discussion going. This requires people to start threads of their own on relevant WoW topics. So don't be shy, and if you feel uncomfortable starting threads then you can just post or ask questions. I'll start the ball rolling...I only saw this about 10 minutes ago. Never knew about it until I saw the link and video. This is for all you Night Elves that take the corpse run through Wetlands/Dun Morogh. Can't see this being an exploit. Credit for this goes to Overtime formerly of Nostalrius.... If anyone else wants to add their tips or experience, please be my guest and post hereafter /salute