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Found 2 results

  1. Send a picture of your UI and a bit of information about it. I've been using a pretty vanilla (heh) interface and want to update a bit when the move to Crestfall happens. Follow these steps: 1.) Post a picture of your UI. 2.) <Optional> Explain how it's set up and why it works for what you do.
  2. Hello. I am a new addon developer and my new addon EquipColor has been released. It colors the equipment that you can not equip on your character red in your inventory, bank and mailbox. For example, if you are a rogue all mail armor will appear as red, indicating that it can not be equipped. Equippable items and recipes that require your character to have a higher level are also colored red. Also, already known recipes appear as green colored. Here are some screenshots: This addon also works with the bag addons: Bagnon, OneBag, EngBags, AllInOneInventory and SUCC-Bag. This addon only works with the vanilla WoW English localization, although I want to port it to other localizations and WoW versions as well. The development of this addon is on hold as of June 5, 2017. If you want to help with the development of this addon, feel free to make pull requests on GitHub. You can find the addon here: https://github.com/SalviaSage/EquipColor --- How to Install? --- 1. Just click on "Clone or download" 2. click on "download as zip" 3. Extract the file and rename the folder to EquipColor 4. Put the folder \Interface\AddOns directory in your WoW directory. Thanks for downloading. Please leave comments here regarding what kind of changes to the addon you would like to see. See you.