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Found 6 results

  1. Yoo just heard about the merge with elysium. I'm looking the make a new video when that happens. This is my last one, feel free to give me advice for improvements!
  2. I found some old videos with Combat Logs. Hope it helps you with a scripting. Lord Kazzak: Princess Huhuran:
  3. Evening. So this is the last of the info gathering I'll be doing for a while. We're happy with the current state of the FAQ. We've recorded your feedback on what you would like to see on the promo videos on mechanics. So the last part of the puzzle is that we might consider doing a Q&A video with the likes of Asura, Crogge and Darkrasp. That being the case, could you post below one question only that you would like them to answer, it can be as detailed as you like. This is not guaranteed, we're just looking at options presently and listening to you.
  4. So just in case... there is no video in this thread this thread does not suggest or imply that any video will be released shortly this is just a fact-finding, opinion orientated thread to get feedback Right, now that we've got that out of the way we have some simple maths. This is the 21st March, if our devs deliver on their aspirations then CF will release in the next nine months, worst case scenario. Our expert media people will be required to provide a number of promotional events to highlight the server and its capabilities. The most potent of these formats will be by video. Looking at the timelines and based on the continuation of beta testing (now with vastly improved numbers), as a community you'd hope that we'd get our first new video before the start of the summer. That being the case, a list of very simple questions: What would you like to see in the video(s)? Why specifically do you want to see these things? Should the videos contain a number of different things or concentrate on one specific element? How long should the video be? Would you prefer the videos to be low-key, technical and minimalist or OMG flashy neon awesomeness? Somewhere in between? Lastly, should the video just let the facts speak for themselves or should we compare and contrast with stock MaNGOS servers? Again just to reiterate, the expectation is that the community here gives this some thought and comes back with some good ideas and suggestions. Not saying that we'll implement any of these, but I'll pass them on as a suggestion box, hopefully stuffed. I'd prefer to open this topic up early now, rather than have people put a lot of hard work into a video that the community give a collective meh to. As always, thanks for your time.
  5. I don't know who posted it but I laughed hard -> https://www.reddit.com/r/wowservers/comments/4w5vf1/just_had_to_put_it_here/ +1
  6. Sometimes Google's association machine comes up with good stuff (this came up on my sidebar while I was watching other wow stuff) Basically a mashup of audio from popular youtubers but nicely made.