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Found 1 result

  1. Hello Fellas, As far as I remember I wish to play an Arms Warrior in vanilla. I tried a few times on other privates, but as soon as I reach the levelcap I was forced/forced myself to play protection or fury and soon quit playing. I wish to play as Arms Warrior, who swings Ashkandi, but I have no Idea how to reach this. I dont have to raid as Arms but I dont want to respecc every raidnight... if I choose to play as "pure" Arms warrior I fear I wont get a raid spot. If I play as Fury Warrior (and take the extra mile) I will get the spot, but wont have the fun playin what i want. Maybe I will get Ashkandi for offgear - but i will be forced to respec everytime I want to play what I want.. So I thought of maybe skillin 31/5/15, play as arms and raid as offtank (and go the extra mile of defgear gathering). This will be very time consuming because I need to min/max two gearsets - but in the end I could play what I like. what would you experienced players advice me for reaching my goal of playing pure Arms? What are your experience? How will 2hand weapons will be tributed when they are "not viable" in raids? What can you say about your experience of the 2hand warrior?