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Found 2 results

  1. Hello dear players, I want to introduce myself to the community. I'm a hungarian guy who plays WoW quiet some time (since 2005) mostly on "private servers". I'm so hyped about Crestfall, can't wait to log-in and enjoy the game on a PTE realm. On my journeys in Azeroth, I mostly played priest and barely touched PvP, so I'm quiet a raiding guy. I still can't decide what class to roll when CF launches. I'm thinking between Priest and Hunter. Maybe, you guys can give me some ideas and advices about this. I'm very excited about the project and hope the best for all of you guys! Cheers and see you in-game and on the forums!
  2. Hi there, well ehm like the title says im from germany, suprise suprise i've started playing WoW once again after a while and after playing Legion for a month i was like ....... i got the feeling that hitting lvl 110 with 850Gearscore nowdays is faster then hitting lvl 60 back in the days i remember the good old time when i was sitting in front of my big brothers computer and watching the "CDs" !!!! installing World of Warcraft *shiver down my spine* back there, probably noone would have taken me with him on a raid, to be honest i was a kid now i am back and hope for an awesome time with you guys cya hopefully in open Beta soon *edit* btw im 25 years old so back then i was only 11