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Found 1 result

  1. As per the discussion in another thread, how do you think world bosses should be handled, specifically just for this server. This is one of the only places where you can actually be griefed on the PvE server. While same faction griefing (running level 1 same faction alts into Kazzack for example) will be present on both servers (and hopefully a bannable offence), the PvE server you can also cross faction grief by doing essentially the same thing. It isn't unusual to find a raid standing just out of range, unflagged for pvp, sending in alts to die one at a time and heal Kazzack until you either wipe or give up trying to down the boss. It becomes a test of endurance and staying online, rather than fighting for world bosses. It's one of the major reasons Blizzard eventually phased world bosses into their modern day incarnations, as they were never able to handle griefing on the PvE servers effectively. Do you support any changes, or prefer 100% blizzlike all the time.