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Found 2 results

  1. Hi! Longtime lurker and can't wait to start playing! I have a question regarding the chat feature: I've played on Kronos since it launched and they've used it since the beginning. It is usually filled with thrashtalk and racist remarks. My question is; Will Crestfall be using a worldchat or stay true to the original system? (If the question already have been answered, please point me in the right direction)
  2. At the request of admins on Discord a catch all topic for discussion on World custom channel. If I miss a relevant point feel free to reply and I'll add it. Note that this is more a way to define the discussion properly. Pros / cons etc, try to keep it dispassionate So this wasn't a thing on retail but it is a thing on several other emulation projects, where a custom World channel is getting special treatment, either by making it a server created channel or removing player moderation from it etc. Relevant Info about system Global Channels. Trade chat is city only, you cannot join it while out in the world. LookingForGroup chat has gone through numerous changes in the life of Classic, I am not sure what version other private servers have, so help me if you play on one by adding that information Initially LookingForGroup was automatically joined but was subzone-specific. This means that when you talked in LFG in Darkshore or Westfall or Redridge only the players in that zone could listen. Later LookingForGroup was also enabled for cities. In this iteration it was still subzone-specific in the world and global in cities (same as Trade in other words) In 1.11.2 LookingForGroup was finally made a global channel. Players proceeded to abuse it to high heaven which prompted the last change (ref: http://elliottback.com/wp/wow-global-lfg-chat/) In 1.12.1 LookingForGroup remained global but Blizzard took it off the auto-join list, so you had to manually /join LookingForGroup to participate. Both Trade chat and the earlier iterations of LookingForGroup have several obvious problems. You either can't use them in all the places you can find yourself. Or you are not getting the most exposure (subzone specific means if you are in a 15-25 zone, players in other 15-25 zones can't hear your Looking For Group for Deadmines, High Level players with alts that might be interested etc) This lead to players creating custom channels using the /join ChannelName functionality since those do not suffer from those restrictions and can be truly "Global". By convention this is usually the <World> custom channel. In this way World becomes a public and useful resource, players start to rely on it to serve them in situations where trade and lfg cannot. And with that comes a new set of issues, this time player created. Blizzard has a bizzare system for chat moderation / admin privileges. The short version is: The oldest remaining member in the channel gets admin rights. That means the channel creator until they log off, then the earliest joiner that is still in the channel all the way down to the last person remaining. In essence Channel moderation gets passed around at random. If the person that has ended up with admin rights wants they can arbitrarily ban / mute / kick other players from the channel or even simpler put a password on it, locking everyone else out as soon as they relog or /leave the channel. It's not realistic to keep making World1/2/3 each time some troll blocks access. Such sabotage for what has become a public resource used by many players, is what puts pressure on server admins to moderate it or at least remove the ability of players to moderate it themselves. If the 1.12.1 version of LookingForGroup is the one active, is there some compelling argument for having a special <World> custom channel? Add any other relevant information you might have below, so admins can take them into account in their discussion.