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Rogue, Mage or Warlock?

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2 hours ago, Titousky said:

Thank you for the help, so I guess I should go mage since I also want to pvp but I'm terribly bad at it, so it would be less a disaster compared if a choose warlock.

I'm a little worried about the overpopulation of mages compared to warlocks in vanilla, here are the stats of kronos: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qvqvaSJxgINkTQUXvRkpel1ij_-HGKT5o2A4bi28gZQ/edit#gid=0

Will it be much harder to find a raid spot, and get gears as mage ?

Mage is a very fun class to play, it's newbie friendly but also has a very high skill cap, both for PvP and PvE.

Mages make up around 13% of the population while Warlocks make up around 10% on the Kronos servers according to their website. It's one of the more played classes but it's not at all an overpopulated class, the only overpopulated class on 1.12 servers is the Warrior, anything else is fine. If you pick Mage you shouldn't worry about getting a raid spot.


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On 3.11.2016 г. at 11:52 PM, Drain said:

You shouldn't care about DPS. It doesn't matter at all because the guild will take both classes regardless. What you should care about is everything else. The biggest factor should be the difficulty to get slots and equipment. On Nost, half the server's DPS was Rogue. Gearing one BIS was nearly impossible, and so was securing a raid slot. Guilds only had room for a minority of the amount of players wanting to raid with the class. I eventually switched over to Hunter because of this, and went from struggling, to having the game handed to me. Hunter, on top of being the most easymode DPS class, had the least amount of competition on slots and gear. My Hunter took less time to get full T1 than my Rogue who didn't manage to get a single slot in more time spent raiding.

If you really do want to raid as MDPS, I suggest doing it quickly. Don't drag ass getting to 60 and looking for that raid slot. Things will only get worse over time. Once guilds get their slots filled, they won't give you the time of day, then you'll be left waiting for newer guilds, which will be insta filled by the 100 daily Rogues looking for a raid slot anywhere they can get it. But if you're coming late to the raid scene on a server... you can forget about MDPS.

You can always create a guild full of rogues and raid that way, 3 tanks 5 healers and 32 rogues.It will be awesome roleplay too.People will know you too.

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