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Can you help me with a little personal project?

Hi guys, I'm here just to talk about my personal little project and I'm hoping that some of you will be so gentle to help me because I'm definetly stucked.

I really like to read the lyrics of the songs while I'm listening them on my smartphone and on my pc but here comes my problem. I knew a band some months ago called Storm The Bay, it's an underground band from New York with some really good songs. They did 4 albums and you can find them all for free at their bandcamp page: https://stormthebay.bandcamp.com/ . In bandcamp the bands can add lyrics on their songs, unfortunally for me the first 2 album "By All Means" and "Hit The Ground Running" haven't any lyrics on their official bandcamp page. Not a huge deal I tought, I will look for lyrics on the internet. Unfortunally for me, nobody wrote the lyrics for those songs, the band it's simply too unknown, so, I started to listen the songs personally and I started to transcribe the lyrics. My main problem is that I'm not native English speaker and even if I'm surely not so bad to understeand spoken words these songs are simply too hard for me (but I managed to complete some of them anyway). I spent hours trying to understand every single word but I definetly reach my limit here. So, I've added all the lyrics on Musixmatch.com. In musixmatch everybody can modify the lyrics, so, if someone wants to download the songs (that are free via bandcamp) he/she can easily modify the lyrics without any trouble. I will link every single song down here, I'll wrote the completition rate and if someone have checked it (obviously I checked them but a double check is always a good idea). Please, keep in mind that ALL songs has been transcribed by me so the text you read can be wrong!

If you are so gentle to update the lyrics, post a reply down here so I can update the rates. 


Hit The Ground Running [EP]

Hit The Ground Running (95% done, there are 5-6 missing words, not checked)

Tell Dan K I'm Looking For Him (100% done, not checked)

Drive Fast Take Chances (100% done, not checked)

Heavy Deuces (100% done, checked 1 time)

My Downstairs Mix Up (99% done, missing 1 word, not checked)

Yeah I Like Dogs, But I Like Caravans Better (100% done, not checked)

For What it's worth (100% done, checked 1 time)

By All Means

Waking Up in Wakefield (85% done, there are several missing words, not checked)

The Garage Sale Bomber (100% done, checked 1 time)

Heavy Deuces (100% done, checked 1 time)

When the House Lights fade (80% done, there are several missing words, not checked)

Upstate Confidential (75% done, there are several missing words, not checked)

Ten Years to Hold Your Breath (85% done, there are several missing words, not checked)


Any help here is super appreciated. Thank you all for any future help!


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