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Hi! Longtime lurker and can't wait to start playing!

I have a question regarding the chat feature:

I've played on Kronos since it launched and they've used it since the beginning. It is usually filled with thrashtalk and racist remarks. My question is; Will Crestfall be using a worldchat or stay true to the original system?
(If the question already have been answered, please point me in the right direction)


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2 minutes ago, Krippee said:

Shame the thread's locked :/

Ah, you found the flaw. You'll have to continue posting on this one. It seems to be a toxic subject though. Personally I feel it is only relevant to low-pop servers and mostly for appearances.  

A healthy server pop will have enough chat under the normal format. People can always start their own chat channels for whatever BS they like without hurting sensitive eyes. 

Then there's discord and all the other options we never had in vanilla. Sorry for the bum steer.


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