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[1.12.1] Triface's Guide to Threat and Tanking in Vanilla

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Additional to the info posted here and because it just got stickied I want to mention Daaki's True Guide to Vanilla Tanking

Taken from the guide is this table of threat values

Sunder: 260
Revenge: 315 (if the revenge stun procs, adds 25 more threat value)
Shield Bash: 180 (if interrupted a cast, adds 50 more threat value)
Shield Slam: 307 (increases with Block Value)
Shield Block: 0,5,10 (if each successful block generates 1 rage from talents, each rage point will generate 5 threat)
Thunder Clap: 130 (not usable in Defensive Stance, has a 0.8% threat modifier)
Demo/Battle Shout: 43/55 (43 applied to each mob for demo, 55 multiplied by each party member buffed for battle)
Cleave: 130 (this is split equally if hitting two mobs, so each one gets 65)
Heroic Strike: 196



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1 Person mentioned if CC is needed to pull with that then BS.

You should have your CCer aware of their job and still pull with your gun/bow, and they should start casting right after they see you take aim, they will CC right after you shoot still allowing you to have initial aggro.  A hunter should be standing off-set to the rest of the group, after a pull he should aggro shot his assigned CC target to the trap to avoid it being brought into the group at all so it doesn't get broken from dps splash damage, or a bad tab-targeter

Intimidating shout is a terrible move at the start of a pull unless it is to assist with a multi pack by mistake.  Reason being is the mobs will spread out, and when the fear breaks, the healer is going to get aggro on all those mobs and run right for them.  You run the risk of killing your healer.  If you HAVE to use it, you should be prepared to position yourself close to your healer and challenging shout when they get close to the healer.    Also this "Guide" talks of 5 mans, no reason to counter it with raid talk.  It is a different animal.

In regards to Battleshout spam, when doing this for aoe threat, it is only going to work if your group is within range of your buff.  Make sure in these instances that you stay close to your ranged dps and healer, and call them out if they keep running away when there is no splash damage to account for.

Some bosses, Thunderclap is still really good regardless of your gear level, such as Nef, Chromag, Broodlorde, Twin Emps (Be aware of adds before using this).  Demo shout is also great.  A high attendance off tank should have 3/5 imp demo specced to reduce boss AP to 0, or 5/5 if you have a lock using Curse of Wrecklessness for more DPS.

In 5 mans, I use both IF I already have control of the pull.  No reason to SPAM TPS moves when I am not gonna lose the mob before it dies, I rather than focus on lowering my damage intake which will keep the healer mana higher, which means a faster run due to less drinking.


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