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Theorycrafting the Mechanics of Druids' Attributes


I have been away for so long from Nostalrius and finally caught up on Elysium then started to lurk on Crestfall for a few months. As a theorycrafter, what concerns me at the moment is that I could not find a single comprehensive but simple guide to Druid's mechanics; (1)how stats work, (2)what formulas is used in calculating end results, (3)what is the order of calculations, and (4)how we can optimize our gear to fit our needs efficiently. So, I created a small thread that was depreciated on Nostalrius. What I do see is several impressive guides for specific trees and how to gear up; Restro PvE and Feral PvE (DPS & Tank) by @Elicas on Crestfall, and few other forums. There's other guides as well on how to gear properly but they did not answer the bigger question which is... WHY SHOULD YOU PICK THIS GEAR OVER OTHER GEAR? I will be divulging deeper into this subject as I find more reliable data since I rely on four official sources; official vanilla data from archive.org which contains (1)archived patch notes, (2)archived blizzard forums, and (3) archived old vanilla raiding logs, plus (4)reverse engineered data from WoW client files. Unofficial sources may be considered if there is enough data backing them up such as from (1) Core Emulation Developer/Engineer, (2)unofficial vanilla forums such as Crestfall/Nostalrius/Elysium, and (3) existing databases such as current vanilla-wow.wikia.com. Original post can be found here while Nostalrius forums remains online for a time being.


Constructive feedback from you as a community will be extremely helpful where you are able to submit one of three things;

  • Photos or videos showing druids wearing specific gear and shows the overall stats in official vanilla server but must be uploaded earlier than 2.0.1 patch which was released on 12/05/2006
  • Links to official sources as mentioned above
  • Links to unofficial sources as mentioned above with enough justification to satisfy the rationale of official sources


Credible Sources

Forums & 3rd Party Websites



Table of Contents

  1. Basic Attributes
  2. Genetic Druid Formulas
  3. Role Orientated Formulas
    1. Balance
    2. Feral
    3. Restoration
  4. Conclusion



Basic Attributes defined for druids - link

  • Strength: increases the attack power with melee weapons
  • Agility: increases the armor points, chance to score a critical hit with weapons, and chance to dodge attacks
  • Stamina: increases the health pool
  • Intellect: increases the mana pool, and the chance to score a critical hit with spells
  • Spirit: increases the regeneration of health and mana while out of combat


Starting Stats - Link to Blizzard

  • Night Elf
    • Strength: 18
    • Agility: 25
    • Stamina: 19
    • Intellect: 22
    • Spirit: 22
    • Armor: 55
    • Health: 53
    • Mana: 100
  • Tauren
    • Strength: 26
    • Agility: 15
    • Stamina: 22
    • Intellect: 17
    • Spirit: 24
    • Armor: 35
    • Health: 78
    • Mana: 67


Level 60 Druid Stats - Link to IGN

  • Night Elf
    • Strength: 62
    • Agility: 65
    • Stamina: 69
    • Intellect: 100
    • Spirit: 110
    • Armor: ??
    • Health: 1993
    • Mana: 2464
  • Tauren
    • Strength: 70
    • Agility: 55
    • Stamina: 72
    • Intellect: 95
    • Spirit: 112
    • Armor: ??
    • Health: 2124
    • Mana: 2389



Genetic Druid Formulas

  • Strength: 1 Strength = 2 Attack Power
  • Agility:
    • 1 Agility = 2 Armor Points
    • 1 Agility = 0.05% Chance to Score a Critical Hit
    • 1 Agility = 0.05% Chance to Dodge Attacks
  • Intellect: 60 Intellect = 1% Chance to Score a Critical Hit with Spells


Base Regen from Spirit - TheoryCraft Addon

  • IPPercent = Reflection Talent, Druid T2 3-Set Bonus, Darkmoon Card: Blue Dragon, etc
  • Out of Combat = ((Spirit/10)+7.5)
  • In Combat = ((Spirit/10)+7.5)*ICPercent
  • Total Regen Per Second (TRPS) = (In/Out of Combat Formula) + (Total MP5)/5
  • Example of TRPS out of combat with 200 Spirit, and 10 MP5 = ((200/10)+7.5) + 10/5 = 27.5 + 2 = 29.5
  • Example of TRPS in combat with Reflection Talent, 200 Spirit, and 10 MP5 = ((200/10)+7.5)*0.15 + 10/5 = (27.5*0.15) + 2 = 4.125 + 2 = 6.125


Total Health Pool

  • Stamina < 20 = BaseHealth + (Stamina - 20)
  • Stamina >= 20 = BaseHealth + (10 * (Stamina - 20))
  • Night Elf Druid BaseHealth = 53
  • Tauren Druid BaseHealth = 78


Total Mana Pool

  • Intellect < 20 = BaseMana + (Intellect - 20)
  • Intellect >= 20 = BaseMana + (15 * (Intellect - 20))
  • Night Elf Druid BaseMana = 100
  • Tauren Druid BaseMana = 67



Role Orientated Formulas




  • Cat Form: 1 Agility = 1 Attack Power






Under Review







  • Added more links from Archive.org
  • Added official starting stats for Druids
  • Added official level 60 stats for Druids
  • Added general formulas for druid attributes
  • Added formulas for calculating Health/Mana pool
  • Added formulas for calculating regen with spirit and MP5 items


Edited by Lufhtrae

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Send me a PM if you need help with anything, I'll be happy to jump on board as and when I get the time.


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On 2/11/2017 at 3:34 AM, Elicas said:

Send me a PM if you need help with anything, I'll be happy to jump on board as and when I get the time.



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7 minutes ago, Roadblock said:

Looked through my archives and found a UBRS combatlog from classic.

Druid is Archsin.


I'll take a look at the combat log after work :D thanks for the upload!


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