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EA grants their permission for a Battleforge revival project, including monetization

So pretty big news for the community led curation projects. 

EA just allowed Skylords Reborn a revival project which aims at bringing Battleforge back online after EA has shut it down in in 2013.

EA has not only granted the Skylords team permission to go on with the project but also the right to monetize the project (with some restrictions primarily no paid updates/dlc).

While this has little to do with World of Warcraft this is a very good precedent especially considering EA has been very active at going after community projects for defunct games or games that EA has shut down multiplayer services for.

Since EA has given them the greenlight to go on and even make money a kickstarter is a real possibility now, this will bring up the discussion of video game curation especially around those which require an online service to be playable even more to the forefront of what can be considered the public media.

If this project can generate sufficient good publicity for EA it might push them to lessen their hold over other projects (quite a few of them including Star Wars and most of the sports games are unfortunately out of EA's control due to copyright issues) if the goodwill generated by these moves will turn into actual profits for EA this might also push other companies such as Activision to reconsider their stance on game curation.




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