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Druid Coefficients


I have been away for so long from Nostalrius and finally caught up on Elysium then started to lurk on Crestfall for a few months. As a theorycrafter, what concerns me at the moment is that I could not find a single comprehensive but simple guide to Druid's mechanics; (1)how stats work, (2)what formulas is used in calculating end results, (3)what is the order of calculations, and (4)how we can optimize our gear to fit our needs efficiently. I will be divulging deeper into this subject as I find more reliable data since I rely on four official sources; official vanilla data from archive.org which contains (1)archived patch notes, (2)archived blizzard forums, and (3) archived old vanilla raiding logs, plus (4)reverse engineered data from WoW client files. Unofficial sources may be considered if there is enough data backing them up such as from (1) Core Emulation Developer/Engineer, (2)unofficial vanilla forums such as Crestfall/Nostalrius/Elysium, and (3) existing databases such as current vanilla-wow.wikia.com. Original post can be found here while Nostalrius forums remains online for a time being.


Researching on coefficients is arguably the most difficult thing to do for Vanilla because there is almost ZERO concrete proof on this subject pre-TBC.



Vanilla Sources

  • Blizzard EU Forums (Druid) - Archived on 15/11/2006 22:40:37 UTC. TLDR; there is no downranking penalty in Vanilla
  • Blizzard EU Forums (Paladin) - Archived on 15/11/2006 22:47:56 UTC.

TBC Sources



Q: Is there a penalty for downranking spells in Vanilla? (Official Patch Note with EU Blizzard & Comment by Miststorm)

A: Yes, you were only penalized for using spells below level 20. Penalties for downranking any spells was not introduced until TBC in Patch 2.0.1


Q: Is there healing or damage cap for spells in Vanilla? (Comments in EU WoW Forums)

A: No, caps for ranked spells and AoE spells was not introduced until TBC in Patch 2.2.0


Q: Will the Talents/Gear/Consumables that reduce your cast time affect the coefficient?

A: No, coefficient is based on the default cast time of the spell



Coefficient Formulas

Single Target Spells with Cast Time = Base_Damage + ((Cast_Time / 3.5) * Total_Spellpower)

AoE Spells with Cast Time = Base_Damage + ((Total_Spellpower / Total_Ticks) / Number_of_Targets)


Instant Single Target Spells = Base_Damage + (UNKNOWN_COEFFICIENT * Total_Spellpower)

Instant AoE Spells = Base_Damage + (Total_Spellpower / Number_of_Targets)


DoT Only = Total_Spellpower / Total_Ticks

DoT with Instant Damage

  • DoT Portion: Base_Damage + ((Total_Spellpower * 0.5) / Total_Ticks)
  • Instant Single Target Spell Portion: Base_Damage + UNKNOWN_COEFFICIENT * (Total_Spellpower * 0.5)



Coefficient Formulas for level 20 or below

Level 20 Penalty Multiplier = 1 - ((20 - sLvl) * 0.0375)




Wrath (Rank 2) - Acquired at Level 6

Level 20 Penalty Multiplier = 1 - ((20 - 6) * 0.0375) = 1 - (14 * 0.0375) = 1 - 0.525 = 0.475


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