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What would you add/remove from expansions after TBC?

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1) i was surprised about the idea of not allowing dual-spec but the argument of @VeloxBanks with all the tiny quality of life improvments sound legit. one may think about arena(pvp)-dual-spec only.

2) im a big fan of pvp/arena and i like the idea of early vanilla when i could only que into battlegrounds at the battleground area. maybe it would be funny to have the same for arena at the start of TBC

3) i dont know why people dont like deathknights ( regarding 'op' class ). maybe they were easier to play and it was easier to kill ppl but if u know their mechanics and your class, at least most of them could kill them and tbh warriors were prolly even more 'op'. i think the fact ppl felt like dks being 'super op' was they didnt knew their mechanics and how to play vs them.

in the end i think everything we like to change is the idea of one or a few indiviuals and most of the other players dont like to see em. as far as i know CFs intention is to make blizzlike classic, TBC, ... content, so we prolly wont see any of our mentioned changes anyway


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I would remove Arena in TBC and ad RBG. RBG much more fun. Game better balanced around it. 


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Posted (edited)

1.) Remove LFD/LFR

2.) Remove Cross-Realm. Only thing that stays here are cross realm mergers for servers with sub-optimal population, but only in small numbers to ensure a healthy population (so like 2-4 linked constantly, but only due to low pop)

3.) Re-introduce Threat & Bosses that can't be Taunted

4.) Bring back the talent trees, allowing for the return of hybrid specs

5.) Bring back utility roles to classes; Shadow-Priests, Enh Shamans, Feral Druids ect.

6.) Make legendary's mean something again, Hidden quests, spanning multiple raid tiers & expensive rare materials from world/raid content, rather then collecting 2345 of random orange token you get for raiding the same content for 7 weeks. Not every class should have one available at the same time.

7.) Keep the interesting secondary stats that gave players a reason to chase after BIS gear, rather then make item-level the only thing that matters, because your primary stat is now supremely better then anything u might get from a secondary stat. Speaking of which-

8.) Remove Item Level, If your to lazy to find out what kind of gear is actually good for your class. You probably arn't raiding in any meaningful capacity.

9.) Introduce Non-binary hard modes, far better solution then having 4 different difficulties.

10.) Squish stats back to a TBC level, the numbers today are stupid high for no reason. 

Edited by Terminus

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On 1.3.2017 at 7:39 AM, VeloxBanks said:

Along with raid and dungeon finder I'd also remove some (if not all) of the newer teleportation methods. Y'know, the guild summoning thing comes to mind. Summoning stones are kinda obvious since I'd remove dungeon finder too.

To an extent I'd also kinda like to see flying completely removed even from Outland. That'd be a lot more of an extreme change since I know Outland is designed around flying. I'm happy enough with flying being restricted to Outland and just never seeing it on Azeroth.

I'd make leveling closer to what it is in Vanilla. By that I mean I'd just change it so that it's more of an adventure again rather than a boring watered down chore before endgame. Now, although I do personally like the leveling experience in Vanilla (lynch me) I realize a lot of people like it for the feeling of adventure that it provides rather than the mechanics behind it. So what I'd do is I'd change it in a way that makes it more challening as to promote player interactions and having memorable struggles that are rewarding once you get through them, more lengthy as to make endgame more of an actual goal/achievement rather than something every tool has access to within 4 hours of starting their character, a lot less streamlined which goes hand in hand with the removal of easily accessable teleportation methods. Of course I haven't said just how I'd make it more challenging and that's because I don't know. At least not exactly. I obviously haven't sat down and thought about how I'd completely rebalance the game, or at least the leveling experience, in later expansions, but the general idea of making it more challenging as a whole seems good enough. I guess that generally means somehow making it so that you can't tank 5 mobs at once and win, among other things. In all honesty I'd be happy to see the same kind of leveling that Vanilla has. I'm personally very happy with it but I realize a lot of people aren't. At least not with it's mechanics. Anyway, enough about that.

Now this is a bizarre idea... alright, sit down for this one. This is crazy. Are you ready? Make sure you're ready.

*deep breath*

I'd add more or at the very least keep the original number of RPG elements such as poison making, necessary ammo, visiting actual trainers to learn skills, having to actually read quest text rather than looking at a giant circle on your map, having to actually go out into the world and hunt for rare recipes in various ways ranging from buying them from a certain vendor or doing special quests for them, having to actually run around in the world instead of flying/teleporting like a total fuccboi who then goes to the forum and complains that "there's nobody playing and the game is dying" while in reality it's just the fact that everyone's flying around at different altitudes so they can't see eachother etc, rather than removing them for no real reason other than to appeal to people who care about nothing but stroking their e-peen all day in Mythic raids and Battlegrounds.

*deep breath*

Woah, that really is crazy. To be completely honest now that I think about it it's a really stupid idea. Who would ever want any of that? Obviously Blizzard didn't keep these things in the game so they must be bad. All that stupid shit like reagents being needed for some spells and having to raise your weapon skill before being able to use it properly is just getting in the way of muh mythic raid! What is this? A roleplaying game? Bah.

There might be more stuff I'd change/add/remove but I'm already afraid someone'll jump at me for what I've said so far. In any case, as I've said before, I'll continue playing the game even in later expansions despite all these things that I dislike about them. I go where the majority of the community goes. You guys want Pandaland? I'm with you. You guys want... ugh... WoD...? Sure. I won't complain about any of the things mentioned above. Promise.

THIS! To 100%!


In my opinion there is a certain path Blizzard follows with each Expansion. Most of the "new" mechanics aim to create a faster and more competitive e-sport game, which completely destroys the "soul" of the game, i.e. there is basically no interaction with the world anymore. The class trainer are useless, just as reagents. Being forced to have certain ingredients in order to be able to produce a campfire made it feel real. You have to be prepared when you leave the city. You never no what you will need. Maybe the fishing rod? Better take it with me. Leaving the city felt like an adventure.

With the raid/dungeon finder and battlemasters you basically have no reason to leave the town at all. And even if you do so, with the flying mounts you will NEVER interact with other players or explore the world.

I also dislike  the radical class/fraction homogenization. A Tauren Paladin, a Night Elf Mage?! HOW?! It felt unique when only the Horde had the Shamans and Paladins belonged to the Alliance. But again, in the sense of a e-sport approach it makes of course sense that everyone has to be able to do everything.. 

Basically I would leave out everything which makes the game more "convenient" i.e.

-no battlemaster

-no raid/dungeon finder

-keep the class trainer/ class trees

-keep RPG elements (reagents, no questhelper etc.)

-no flying

-shaman = horde & pala = ally

-no unnecessary simplification of the game (i.e. pulling 6 mobs solo and killing them easily)






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Ok, I like flying mounts and flying wherever I want to go when i want to go there. Improved flight paths just are not the same. I have no problem with making flying less of a means of avoiding PvP or aggro. I'm ok with being shot down or making it easier to target/attack people who are flying. Do a one shot hit breaks flying attack or something. I just want to be able to go wherever i want to go when I feel like it.

Personally, I liked the dungeon finder. The only reason I ran dungeons most of the time was because of it. I remember spamming for groups forever and never filling a slot. I didn't mind queuing for a dungeon, and then fishing until my dungeon popped. I can see removing the teleport feature and extra loot rewards from dungeon finder and just using it as an improved looking for group/party matching service. I think you should still have to travel to the dungeon in the world, but the dungeon finder would just put the party together if you didn't have a premade or were missing a role/member.

I think most of the abuse was a result of cross realm dungeon matching. You played with people from all across all of the servers. When there were millions of people playing they knew you were probably never going to ever see them again, so it promoted people acting like jerks. I doubt that's an issue here because there's probably only going to be one or two servers, and I doubt there will ever be cross realm matching for dungeons or raids. At most, you're looking at a player base of some thousands, so actual reputation and ignore lists are more relevant.

I agree with removing a lot of the added teleport functions. They made the world smaller because people didn't have to go out and actually travel to where they needed or wanted to go.

On the other hand, one thing I would have liked to have seen implemented was Mages being able to set a teleport point. They did something like this in WoD with the Ogre Stones or something. I thought it would have been cool for Mages to be able to teleport back to the last place they teleported from, or be able to designate a specific point that they could choose to teleport to by traveling there in the world and somehow marking the location for future reference as a teleport point.


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