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Working WoW Model Viewer?

Hi, it's me again, I'm sure you missed me kek bur

Do you know if the WMV has the Winterspring lavender tiger model? If I recall correctly I did load it up some time ago.

I wanted to make a signature for meself but my old one didn't have it. I uninstalled it and a different version keeps saying that either WoW is running (which isn't) or that it can't read some MPQ files, even if I just logged in and out of the client of the expansion it's for... I even added them in manually but it's still the same.

If anyone would be so kind and check the cat/tiger/mount models and then give me the download link if you still remember where you got it from I'd be really grateful.

I have Vanilla to Cata and Legion clients on my laptop, so any of those WMVs would be fine. But I've heard that the newest expacks don't use MPQ files anymore so I guess my 7.x client is shite anyway.


Bonus stupid question: do I need to run the game first to load stuff up or can I just link it to the Viewer and it'll be fine?

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