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Poisons scale with Spellpower?

Posted (edited)

the classification here is the weird part. most anything in wow is referred to a spell or a action. a frost bolt or a heroic strike. Rogues break this mold abit, and add in poison a different circumstance all around. no spell dmg gear would effect it,  because technically its not a spell it's a poison. Cant call it a debuff like a warlocks because a locks dots are effected by warlock talents and gear. only poison have is a higher poison rank in 1.12. I think in later versions of the game certain things and gear start effecting poisons dmg output, but in 1.12 its pretty straight forward, and equates to roughly 5% of your total dps if the correct poisons are used. playing a rogue is pretty straight forward and simple, however the concept and theroycraft of a rogue is one of, if not the deepest of all classes.  

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