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Paladin LF Guild (EU)

Hello Crestfallen Community,

The Paladin has been my favourite class since forever. While some despise levelling up via judgement and SoC, I absolutely love it. Not because of the l33t d33ps I get but the sheer survivability and the freedom you get for mash all your "oh-shit" buttons after each other because you lack a proper rotation. It's perfect!

As much as I can't wait to be downranking flash of light, buff botting and applying wisdom to the boss I don't want to embark on this strange and broken journey alone. I'm currently looking for a nice guild to go with - a raiding guild! I've had experience in Vanilla raiding before, I was the GM of a T1 raiding guild on Kronos - we cleared out MC and Ony many times but we struggled with recruitment - but enough of that. As someone who is used to staring at hp bars and gets excited for the plaguelands, you won't find a more enthusiastic buffbot out there looking for a guild. 

My ideal guild should already have an experienced leader with a decent core of at least 4-5 core members, ready to get recruiting at the launch. Raiding is something I really enjoy and I'm looking for some players who are going to go all the way - from MC right through Naxx. If this sounds like you and you need another Paladin on your team just drop a message and/or your discord down below and we can get talking about it.

See you ingame! 


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