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Horde Guild - Sons of Durotan - Pve, Pvp, First Realm

Hello, i'm Tronus and i'm an European guy that want to create and push a good cooperative guild through this Vanilla realm (both PvE, PvP). I've seen that at the moment there aren't active horde guilds in recruiting, so i thought to create my own one and regroup all the disbanded players that want to join "HORDE".

So the main objectives that i would to reach are:

- create a good cooperative guild group in which one can help each other ( this is a prio for all the group);

- create a good raid group (with a flex raid schedule) to try to reach the "First Realm";

- create good and competitive BG/Arena groups with the goal to destroy the "ALLIANCE" and to push the rating;

- enjoy the contents and have fun togheter;


These are the main objectives that i would try to reach with your help, for any questions about it just send me a message and i'll try to answer you as soon as possible.

So ty for reading this post and see you soon in the game. "For the Horde".


P.S: as soon as i will see people coming to this "call" a guild forum will be created with the apply section to make a census about the races and classes we would need for the guild.



recruit horde.jpg

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