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ye filthy heathens should converrt
Ok but consider this

If you enjoy reading about lore and don't want a series of spoilers, leave now.

Okay so just hear me out.


Sargeras is renown for being the most powerful (now ex) member of the pantheon. Aman'thul, the Highfather and the first of the Pantheon literally


reached down through the skies of Azeroth and ripped Y'Shaarj straight off Azeroth's surface and ripped him apart with his bare hands. Y'Shaarj was known as the most powerful of the Old Gods on Azeroth, powerful enough to poison the minds of the titan forged, powerful enough to leave behind enough volatile void energies to form what is now known as the well of eternity.

Sargeras, the giant misunderstood kitten,


struck down his successor as Champion of the Pantheon and protege; Aggramar. He struck him with such might that he almost cleaved his body in half, he also decimated the entire pantheon (including Aman'thul) with one massive fel storm. He means well, honestly. Legit, all he wants to do is destroy all the world souls so that the void lords can't corrupt everything in creation. HE'S A GOOD GUY.

Sargeras did all of this because


he just wants to destroy the old gods and prevent the void lords from corrupting all of creation. To do this, he assumed control of the entire Burning Legion. He even persuaded the Eredar to join his cause, although Velen and some other Eredar escaped their homeworld and now call themselves Draenei (which means exiled ones in the Eredar tongue by the way).


Sargeras is so powerful in fact, that he was able to destroy an entire planet with a singular swing of his blade.

So consider this.


I propose that it's just fucking easier to submit to Sargeras, be his pawn on his eternal chessboard, become a demon and live happily ever after. I mean seriously, if you were a demon, your soul is 

literally tied to the Twisting Nether, so if you die, it's just a minor inconvenience. Also, once all of the world souls are destroyed then we can all just sit around having tea for eternity.

Therefore, we should all convert to worshipping our great celestial demonic overlord Sargeras.


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