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Freedom of Spec <Alliance>

Hello Crestfallers!

I know the recent news has been difficult for most of us to swallow but I don't care. That's not gonna keep me from dreaming and playing this version of the game. I still believe in an awesome PvE server and I want y'all in it.

The idea of this guild is that we have no limitations. We want to create a spec-free environment where you're free to choose whatever possible spec for a certain class you want and even go out of the normal zone if you can back your idea up. Two clear examples of this is: Enhancement Shaman tank and Survival Hunter (yeah I'm a bit weird. Get used to that) tank. Don't say that Survival Hunter tanking is impossible and it's my insane utopia, because it is possible. Maybe not on a raid level, other than one certain raid in BC but that's the idea. Let's experiment. So if you desire to tank, you are not limited to warriors in a raiding environment. And if you want to be a paladin/priest but you hate healing then you don't have to. DPS warriors doesn't have to be Fury. You get the idea (hopefully)! xD 

When it comes to chat policy, we hate restrictions and we believe as much in freedom of speech as we do freedom of spec xD . Of course we have one unwritten rule: Don't be a total dick. Otherwise I think most in this community, especially in the PvE community, are grown-ups who can take care of themselves. If you feel offended in any way for no particular reason but your own, then that is your f***ing problem. Your mom are probably not playing this game and if she is, she is most certainly not a part of this guild. xD 

Reasons for G-kicking is of course any conscious act of ninja'ing. If you are a noob and you misclick we can work it out but we're not so stupid that we wont see a pattern.

Otherwise I hope for goodness sake that Elysium will open this PvE realm. Even though the plan is an Alliance guild, if 9/10 of our recruits are horde lovers, then we'll strongly reconsider.

See you soon! :D - Lexasius, Founder.


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