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Suggestions inside

I am sure Asura and Darkrasp have already fired up a version of the rebirth core just for fun, but I thought I would highlight a few areas that may be of specific use to this project. 


Very early on in rebirths development, under the era of Freakyuno, he spent well over a month working on the fishing systems and assured me they were "perfect", including seasonal fishing spawns and day/night cycle accuracy as well as manually checking every fishing spawn manually.  (I can say that there are a couple of zones that I dont think are perfect as I did have to manually change a couple in my time there)  I would think there could be some use in this area of the database that you could simply compare to the current values on on your core.


Next up is the vanilla quest scripting, almost all of them work flawlessly and those not working I have some previous research knowledge, and tbh if I asked muggle I may be able to get access to the full bug tracker for outstanding issues that may also be of use at some point in the future.


The next things is weapon procs, over 5 years so many items were corrected, and I can testify that every change made was accurate and correct.  Many items have broken proc's on mangos based realms, varying from simple % differences to flat out guarenteed procs every hit (julie's dagger), all of these will be logged on the patch notes which are available everywhere.  If I get access to the bug tracker back I can actually provide the actual adjustments and sources used.


The main value is IMO in the database values, rather than in the actual core as rebirths original build is MUCH older, and obviously more varied, from the likes of the Nost branch or Kronos.  I would gladly have a chat with Muggle regarding gathering more of our old data that is not publicly available at the moment, and if the team here would like it or think it may be of some value then I will certainly ask the question. 


For a project as unique as crestfall the actual benefits I feel will lie in helping the bug testers to work more efficiently on "known" issues with the mangos database.  Just though I would throw that out there, and remind people that while I may not post often I lurk in many places ;)


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7 hours ago, Wykeunchained said:

Many items have broken proc's on mangos based realms, varying from simple % differences to flat out guarenteed procs every hit (julie's dagger)

and ebon hilt of marduk, tainted pierce, sword of corruption, and skullforge reaver; also, iirc, HoJ procced too often, and effects that granted bonus spell damage against undead completely ignored spell damage coefficients and flat-out added the value to every tick, with like +48 per dot tick if it added +48 spell dmg vs. undead

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