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I'm looking to start a horde guild, that has a strong passion for world pvp. I've always wanted to be more than just a guild that chats through the /guild chat. I want this guild to always be together, world pvping with guildies who want to follow the guild; where ever it may decide to venture. I'm planning on maining a warlock for fast summons and finding a mage as my second handman for fast getaways. This guild will be very fun, if done correctly. I just need to find a core group of officers to help keep the fun glued together. I figured this idea out on Nostralius, but it died to soon to be unleashed. I'm hoping this server holds together so I can show people how much fun you can have as a true PvP guild. A guild that's always pricking the other faction. 

Just imagine logging on and being summoned directly to your guildies. The guild leader right there and the adventure ready to begin. Consisting mostly of always going where the guild goes, and the guild is always headed towards the fight; and sometimes we'll even dance. 

The guild rules would be a little extreme in terms of being in the guild. You would need to be 60 and you would need to always be logged on for this toon as a soulful PvPer. This would be a PvP guild for people who want nothing more than to just log on and start PvPing. Their is no remove for deserters or people who ignore being a team player. Go do your farming on your other toons, this is for focused dedicated PvP people. People who want to log on to just savagely slay some alliance scum. 

I'm not a pushy guild leader, I just don't want to have to ask you to be with the guild. You should just want to with the guild. Just stick with group and you'll always find yourself in the guild.

Let met note, will be doing more than just world PvP, but the goal would always be to get the guild together through world PvP. 

Message me if you're experienced with helping manage a guild. I just need officers who are active and driven to bring people together. 


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