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Alliance WPVP guild

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1 hour ago, Clavus said:

I wonder if this guild will have a Horde counterpart since Simonich is enjoying his time on Elysium afaik. Release is far so lots of things can still come up in the meantime. We shall see. If not, I'll be a one-man army standing against you, puny creatures of the Alliance!

Him coming back would certainly make my job a lot harder. Never thought this'd be easy, however, so I'd still be very glad to see him come back.

If not that, it'd also be great to see other Horde players start their own WPVP guilds. Just as it would be great to see the same from other Alliance players.


Anyway, looking forward to seeing you on Azeroth! Just don't try to sneak up on me. I'll smell you.


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