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What side will you choose? - Zul'Dare Edition

What side will you choose?   243 members have voted

  1. 1. What side will you choose?

    • Horde
    • Alliance

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9 hours ago, Elicas said:

Unfortunately not, all I can do is close the poll.

Once we have a firm release date, I'll close this topic and let people create a "version 2 - release poll".

For myself, my guild is now once again gravitating back to wanting to play Horde again. I've not played anything except the CF beta for the last year, but they went on to play Alliance again on Elysium, so they're feeling like they want something new.

Inb4 I code half tauren half nelf hybrids that will allow me to play on both factions at the same time.Not really but maybe.

I have that problem myself. Want something new, but Nelf and their animal forms look better to me, plus if I end up Balance in TBC, the smaller, purple moonkin looks better/not as stupidly oversized.

I don't want a retarded orange cat form lol.


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Pls balance the pvp server 50 to 50 so its not going to be like aliance server or Horde server. 


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