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Vanilla Sound 12 into 64 channels

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On 11/16/2016 at 3:29 PM, Pvt_8Ball said:

Rofl, stop you :33. I'm just that sort of person I guess.

I'm actually planning to do a guide at some point to get the most out of Vanilla. Although it will probably be a while till I do it cause I'm lazy AF.

Would throw all the kudos at you if you did <3~


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I am doing a sound mod for Nostalrius 2.0 but there is that issue with the 12 sound channels so I cant hear and test it. Iv installed the wow.exe fix for 256 sound channels, typed in the console commands and tried to put them in config.wtf. The problem is, even though the fix works, the game crashes when I start moving my character because of a "fatal error". Any idea what is causing the error or how to fix it? 

I tried to set 64 channels too, same error. When I set them back to 12, everything works fine.



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