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Base stats at 60

Does anybody know of a resource that lists the base stats for each class (as in naked as a jaybird, ungeared and untalented) at 60?  I went looking around for something the other night so I could start slapping together hypothetical sets for hypothetical toons in hypothetical roles (because it's a fun puzzle to fit together when you're tired but can't sleep and don't want to actually play the game) but struck out, so it made figuring out health or mana pools more or less impossible because I didn't know what the original numbers were.  There are a million and one forum class guides that list what added stats from gear translate to, but I found very little that laid out where a person STARTS.  I thought that would make for a very useful table for people here if they wanted to dabble in amateur theorycraft (I know, I know, ten year old game, but sometimes it's fun to just futz around with ideas without going to all the trouble of levelling up a toon).


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It's not exactly easy since a database error makes creating a new character impossible. You need to go to 'browse character profiles' and search for a level 60 of the race/class combo you want, then find someone who's naked. Sorting by HP and finding what all the lowest ones have in common is probably the best way.

For example, based on a search, this would be the base stats for a level 60 Tauren Warrior:


I can corroborate this with this screenshot I pulled off the Nost forums:


Unfortunately you can't click on the profiles to view them in detail since they all seem to lead to blank pages, and you don't get things like base armor or attack power.... but I guess this is the closest you can get? You could try this site as well but most of the tables aren't completed for most race/class combos.

Sorry, wish there was a more helpful resource out there. Actually I desperately wish CTprofiles still functioned because it's pretty much exactly what you're looking for... and I'd like to play around with it as well :(

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