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pfUI - An ElvUI inspired UI for 1.12 completely written from scratch

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1 hour ago, ecaflip said:

I noticed there's a way to enable click casting in the options but I don't really know how to go about using it.  Do I just hover my mouse over a party/raid member and smack my hotkey that would belong to a skill on my bar or is there something else?  I'm trying to get it so that I can hover over a party member and use taunt under the modifying of targeting whatever is targeting my party member so I can snap aggro off an overzealous dps or a healer that put out too many green numbers.

You need to make a macro with /pfcast <your spellname here> and drag that to a button.


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@shagu Is there a function for debuff and buff timers on your targets and the unit frames? These are useful for maximizing DPS as well as managing healing buffs in raids.


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